I am having a hard time focusing

  1. The last week has been so difficult. I want to finished my exams as quickly as possible and all I ever do is work and study. I am neglecting my husband and my daughter. I'm exhausted. I just started... 3 months ago and since then I have completed three of the exams. I feel like I am on a mental overload and in the last week I am not absorbing anything. I wish I could cut back my work hours but I have bills and life expenses to pay for. My husband has been patient and supportive. I could use some words of encouragement to keep me going. I have been an LPN for 6 years and this is my 4th time trying to go back to school and finish my RN! I wonder if I will ever get there. I'm getting stressed out.

    Thanks for listening!
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  3. by   2CareerRN
    Hey Lisa,

    I think all of us have been there. This is a lot of work and it's important to take a break here and there to recharge. Just make sure that you limit your break and get right back at it. It's so easy to take a break yet so hard to get motivated again.

    If you haven't already maybe you could make a schedule. How many studying hours does it take for you to pass an exam? Break down the hours onto a calendar and keep 1 or 2 days for just family and for yourself, no studying. The rest of your days is just for studying. This works for some people.

    It is great that you have good support at home. I am sure your husband is proud of all the hard work you do and knows that you are working to better yourself and the whole family...it's something so great to look forward too.

    Keep plugging away at it. You are on NC4 now, I assume and you are so much closer then when you started. Stay positive and keep telling yourself that you CAN DO THIS...

    We are all in this together so we understand...
  4. by   NC Girl BSN
    Honey I was right there with you! I got extremely tired around the Health Difference 3. I didn't think I could take no more. I just took a few days off and regrouped and got back on the wagon.

    The CPNE wore me out also. This program will physically and emotionally drain you. I just know that it helped to have friends on allnurses to support me when I felt down like this. Take a couple of days and just relax. It won't help to study and you are not absorbing it. You will do fine. It tool me 6 month and 24 days to complete all my exams and that included 2 repeats. My friend did all hers in 4 months so don''t think you gotta rush to get them done. I just wanted to because I wanted my degree so bad. Take care of yourself!
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    I was so burnt by the time I got to Micro, while I was waiting for my CPNE ... ugh. All I did for the 6 months that I did the nursing exams was read, study, test, read, study, test. We don't have kids, so no, it was "ONLY" my husband I neglected, ha ha. I rescheduled Micro 3 times because I couldn't concentrate on it! I kid you not, there I was at a tattoo convention, being tattooed by my husband and reading "Microbiology Demystified." Heh.

    I think when you get to the point of overload, it's wise to back it down a notch because something has to give -- it'll probably be your mind. You increase you chances of success if you pace yourself at a rate that is acceptable to your mind, body, and spirit. Just my opinion, of course. We're here for you -- we get it!

    Anyone else have PTSD symptoms after the CPNE? Seriously. Recurring nightmares ("you have to do just ONE MORE PCS and you're 10 minutes late for it!!") and survivor's guilt! LOL
  6. by   Lisa1980
    Thank you all for your support. I am going to work on a study schedule but take this weekend off. I want my RN so bad and am pushing myself so hard for it but I think I will keep the books closed for two days just time to relax. I'm sure my family needs it. My husband definently has been attention deprived, he's been pouting for the last three days. lol!
  7. by   it's hot in phoenix
    Lisa 1980,
    Just know some of us have done it and the others are here to do it with you. We all have had our moments of "where is the tallest building in my town" thought Mine was test#7- (I hate history) and getting on the plane for my CPNE and hoping someone is double locking the doors A schedule is a great idea, just don't be stressed if something throws you off for a moment. I believe this whole process you go through, is what makes us and soon to be you- THE BEST NURSES EVER!!! Schedule time with hubby and your girlie and this whole process will be over before you know it. Just know we are all here to help and answer any questions and most important sometimes- to just listen and give support. We're proud of your determination