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Hi, If you are an LPN or someone that took all the pre-reqs and decided to enroll in Excelsior, what is the average time you can finish all the 5-7 courses? I know this is subjective but in your... Read More

  1. by   5150dx

    I worked for several years as an EMT-1A. I have always worked full-time though not in the medical field for about 5 years now. I had approximately 3 gen. ed. requirements done before I got serious last October, 2002. I completed all but A&P through Excelsior. I just finished the 7 Nursing Concepts Tests (6 A's & 1 B) and have only 2.5 Arts and Sci. credits left (taking Exc. Pathophysiology) and the CPNE.

    I don't have oodles of money, but lots of credit card debt but my husband and I decided it is worth it. Yes, it is hard, and I only recommend a fast pace to those who have always been interested in medicine and are fast learners. I know I am not the only former-EMT or Paramedic who has aced the tests at the pace of 1 per week. The English Comp. and World Religions are nasty tests - definitely recommend at least 1 month prep for those - I did not study for them much and scraped by with C's in those 2 classes.

    The Excelsior College materials are what I have used - not any third party stuff.

    Now I look forward to preparing for the CPNE and reviewing AGAIN the academic material. Of course I will review AGAIN for the NCLEX - so I feel I will be as ready as possible with an ADN program.

    Hope this helps!

  2. by   featherzRN
    At the time I took my exams (I took them three at a time), they did not give letter grades just a score with a percentile. My scores were all 95th percentile or better, as I recall- so I did not whisk through them with barely passing scores.

    I still have the score sheets somewhere - crazy people like me keep those things. Transcript from Regents also just gave a score, no letter grade. Kinda nice to see they are giving out letter grades now.

    I was definitely young and insane then!

    I did have a full time job, but no kids, etc-makes it much easier!
  3. by   Katmease
    I did the BSN (skipped the ADN) in 19 months, while working,along with a husband a son. I received A's in everything but my first test (B on that one) and a C in Statistics (which I was ecstatic over getting that as I hate statistics).

    It can be done but it's hard work, costly even though I had scholarships and you need supportive people around you (my Hubby was a huge help with things).
  4. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by featherzRN

    I've been trying to find more information as to why California is now balking-every Regent's/Excelsior grad I have met has been more than capable.

    From what I understand, it had something to do with EC allowing non-paramedic EMT's into the ASN program if they had so many work hours under their belt. I guess these were the ones who did poorly with the CPNE and NCLEX-RN exams. Now EC is changing their policy to allow only LPN's, paramedics, etc. into the program to satisfy California. CA has 3 CPNE sites (I think), so I guess that gives them some amount of power as to what EC does.
  5. by   jnette
    I did most of my courses in approx. 5-6 weeks each.. a week or two longer for the first two...A&P and Micro. And I'm "slow study".. one of those who has to underline, hilite, and doubleunderline every little thing.... then write little side notes, etc., etc. I would take a full week before the exam just to go through all my "notes" (the most ijmportant stuff to remember) I had written all over my study guide.

    I worked full time (or at least 36 hours a week) and completed the ADN in 3 years.. that's including prereq's (three of which I didn't have to take, as previous credits applied), the CPNE and waiting for conferral, which was a couple months later... also included vacations, holidays, etc. where I didn't study much and took a well deserved break. But every spare minute I was not at work, was spent studying... pretty much gave up EVERYTHING else !

    But it was sooooo worth it ! Get it done, and you still have the rest of your lives !