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  1. Hi All-

    I am new to this site but wondered if you could give me alittle guidance.
    I am currently ready to take my Micro exam through Excelsior and then I start my Nursing Concepts 1.
    After reading some of your threads, I think I may be going about things all wrong. I have taken 4 pre-req courses through EC and so far have gotten A's, but I have been taking 4-5 months to prepare for each of them. I will read the text cover to cover, fill out the entire study guide take online practice quizzes, make flashcards etc. Now I have read where some of you are knocking down classes w/ B's or better after 3-4 weeks of studying?
    That's Awesome! Please give me some advice on preparing for NC 1. Should I buy all of the study guides and texts that EC recommends or just take find the content guide answers and take the exam.
    Any help you give me will be appreciated.

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  3. by   kailuaRN2B
    Welcome to the site! (Sorry, not familiar with EC but wanted to say Hi and welcome anyway.)
  4. by   medicrnohio
    Everyone goes about the EC program a little bit differently. There is no wrong or right way to do it. The way you choose will be right. I spent anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months on any given test. I used the study guides from EC along with their recommended books and study guides. I read the chapters they suggested in the study guide. I did not use any of the outside study guide publishers (i.e. RUE, Chancellors, etc.) I finished the program in about a year. Good Luck!
  5. by   akcarmean
    Sorry can't help with your ?? but Welcome to allnurses.
  6. by   barbiedee
    Welcome! As another EC'er, I too am amazed at the speed with which some people can plow through these courses. I think my fastest was 3 weeks each for Social Gerontology and Lifespan Developmental Psych. Most of the NC courses have taken me 5-10 weeks. (depends how familiar I am with the material from LPN school, and how much time I dedicate to studying.) My study buddy whizzed through NC 2-7 in just over 4 months. That's the beauty of EC...you can take as long, or as short a time as you want. For me, its not a race, I want to learn this material well. I'd rather take some extra time now, than have to spend weeks cramming for the NCLEX, trying to remember some of this stuff. I recommend getting the course outline from the EC site and cover the topics they list. There are other websites (on Yahoo) that offer test tips, notes, etc., that have helped me. I personally went with a study guide company. It was expensive, yes, but supplied everything I needed including textbooks. You could try purchasing used study guides from ebay or other nursing websites. Good luck, and remember, this is YOUR education, so do it YOUR way. The winner of the race isn't the fastest, but the one who gains valuable knowledge!
  7. by   Firemedic7
    Good Point barbiedee! and thanks all for the warm welcome