Good Info. Online Schools for Advanced Degrees MSN/NP/PhD

  1. Here's a good look at some online schools that are accredited. It's a bit incomplete because Walden and Indiana Wesleyen recently have been been accredited for their online MSN programs, but it's some good information. I like that they include the cost.
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    that is a nice link. Thanks!
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    there are a lot of msn online programs. consider what you want to specialize in. if you are interested in becoming a nurse educator or nurse administrator, then it is feasible. if you want a more clinically oriented msn then you may need a higher degree of clinical supervision and it may not be as convenient.

    i think walden’s msn is affordable: it seems like it would be easy to get in. some schools, such as university of new mexico, are also affordable but they have a limited number of slots and prefer to give them to in-state residents. university of south alabama has also received much attention. that unisa is not to be confused with the unisa in the next paragraph.

    now let’s talk about distance learning doctoral degrees. one option is to get one from unisa (university of south africa). it is my understanding that since that government recognizes the university, that our country will also recognize the degree. it seems to be a fast, cheap and simple degree. here is an organization in canada that seems to understand unisa and can explain matters that are not so clearly laid out in the unisa website:
    also, check out:
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    I'm just graduating with a DLitt et Phil in Health Studies from UNISA (South Africa). Well... certainly not expensive, but definitely not easy. It's a real program with academic rigor.