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Well, after hanging out on this board for a couple weeks and doing some more searching and a lot of thinking about wether to go through Rue or EC I have a couple questions for those of you who went... Read More

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    The only bad thing about the CLEPS vs. taking the actual exam is you just get exempt from having to take the course you don't get actual credits. I plan on going on for my BSN at a state college and I need the actual credits not just the exemption. But as previously said if you self study and just take the exam it's approx $200ish
    Almost 3,000 colleges and universities do give you actual credit for CLEP exams. You can find out which schools do by using the search link here:
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    You have the right idea Spazzy.
    Glad I'm done and don't have to be confused about all of this. I think my CPNE prep killed off a few brain cells. :wink2:
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    Some colleges and universities DO award a letter grade for the CLEPs. Just depends on the school. Some are Pass/Fail, others are awarded a letter grade based on the score. Every school is different.
    AH Good to know.....thanks!