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Hello everyone....I am currently studying for my final exam for the ADN program (nursing concepts6) and am wondering if anyone can give me any tips/information about the CPNE....what places are... Read More

  1. by   KolkataMomRN
    Quote from lliley
    I was wondering I am a new student to Excelsior and need to know the easiest way to set up care plans and nursing goals if you have any advice. Thanks

    Excelsior likes for you to look at the assigned areas of care when planning your care plans for the PCS. For example, if they assign Pain Management, think of Acute Pain for the nsg. dx. Then use the critical elements as your interventions. Ex: Provide comfort measure and give pain medication as ordered. Outcome: The pt. will state pain of 3 or less on a pain scale of 0-10 by end of PCS.

    Hope this helps,
  2. by   chitra718
    hello everyone

    is there anyone who has passed cpne and has video/notes. Please let me know

    god bless u all
  3. by   LEN-RN
    I have seen you on several other sites, message boards and you appear to get impatient when no one answers you.

    You are always wanting people to send their stuff to you, videos, test questions, notes. We all have had to work hard to get where we are, and buy materials. Nothing has been handed to us. Some are lucky enough to foster and make relationships on this board, and to share. Not take.

    Why dont you ask to BUY other peoples material, instead of saying, "I want your cpne vdeo. Still waiting. or I want your notes to pass. Still waiting." Your requests are coming across as demands, even though you may not mean to sound that way.
  4. by   chitra718

    I just read your response. I never get anxious. Well instead of pointing to me u should do to eveyone . Everyone is looking for information. I do not understand what are u trying to say.

    Please be careful when u say something. I did not requested anything from you. If u don't want to give any information don't read my thread.

    I am requesting information just like anyone else

    Thank u
  5. by   LEN-RN
    Yes, these message boards are to share materials and help each other. And I have read where many people on this board have tried to help you.

    When someone says "hey I passed the cpne" you say:
    congratulation. I need Yr CPNE material, notes, video/dvd.

    Not sure what your thinking, but that person DID NOT say "hey I passed the cpne, does anyone out there need my cpne material, notes, video/dvd."

    Its not just with that post, you do it with all your posts, on all the message boards. People on here do like to help. But you dont have to demand it and get impatient.
  6. by   rn2bfelisha
    how does one go about finding a study group in north carolina?
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Have you posted on the Excelsior Electronic Peer Network (EPN)? I'd ask on the CPNE discussion board there -- you might find other NC students prepping for their CPNE.
  8. by   ladymedik
    lunah is correct again as ususal.:redpinkhe i was going to suggest the epn network from the excelsior site, i got distracted by the quibbling between two of the other posters. i got very detailed info from the the cpne journal site. you learn what to do and what not to do. i did study at home with various study material, but i learned more from these types of posts. here and ec. i passed cpne the first time because of these things. i take the nclex tomorrow, and am right here reading more posts to get some insight. there is a ton of info around, just use descretion and make sure that it is reputable. ec has theie own way of doing things, and if it is not their way..........
  9. by   ivanh3
    this is a neat thread if only for the fact the op was over 5 years ago. looking at the posting history of the op, this person went on to pass their final written ec test, pass the cpne, pass the nclex, found a job as an er nurse and then considered transitioning to the pacu. kinda cool and maybe inspiring for those who are closer to the beginning of their formal training.

  10. by   essieRN11
    I have no prerequisites for Lvn-RN program with Excelsior college, is it faster to do them thru Excelsior to get my degree?. I want to start the program this coming year.
  11. by   EC2010RN
    I just want to say, I'm grateful that I passed the CPNE and NCLEX. Everyones experience on here will be different. keeping things short, simple and to the point: Good luck to eveone on the CPNE and NCLEX.
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  12. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from debro2011
    CPNE is extremely difficult & nearly impossible to pass. I'm a walking miracle having passed the CPNE on the first try, but not too many students do.
    I have to disagree with this ... I think an overwhelming number of our participants here as well as on the EPN pass on the first try, myself included. I wonder, though, if the networking we do here and on the EPN is part of our success? I know that when I passed my CPNE, I felt that the advantage I had in having discussions and learning with/from my peers was huge.
  13. by   ashlamoLPN
    I have been an LPN for three years. I have all of my prereqs done except Microbiology. My anatomy transfers to Excelsior from LPN school. I want to do Excelsior, I am just confused as to how to even begin the process, and how to do it in the least expensive manner.