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Hello everyone....I am currently studying for my final exam for the ADN program (nursing concepts6) and am wondering if anyone can give me any tips/information about the CPNE....what places are... Read More

  1. by   whatsup2u
    Quote from lgflamini
    Congrats to you, too! I've heard that the lab portion is very cut and dry as well. Join the rnstudygroup at Yahoo.com. They've got the best CPNE info of all the study groups in their files sections, and in the postings from students. They also have a CPNE subgroup, and a care plan subgroup if you are interested. It's been a huge help to me, and there seems to be a very good CPNE pass rate in this group. My study buddies in this group are very good at posting their experiences at the CNPE. Some of them post from the hotel while they're there!
    hey how are you, i want continue to bother you, but listen i tried to get into the rnstudygroup "thing" on yahoo, what exactly do you do, and how does it work...once your at yahoo.com.....where do you go from there? if you have time, please explain how to "join" or what i need to do, you sound as if if was a great aid in your study process, please respond if you get a chance, and i'll try to slow down the questions, it's nice to have to someone accomplish that which you(myself) is trying to obtain....thanks alot for you help....
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    It's no bother at all. We EC students learn from each other- that's one of the best things about distance programs like this. The competition to beat each other out isn't there like it is in traditional programs. When you go to the rnstudygroup site, you should be able to click a button that says "Join this group." Click on that and fill out the info they ask for. If I remember correctly, they'll email you an application to fill out before you can join. I think it took me a couple weeks to actually get in. If you continue to have trouble, let me know. Maybe I can email the group moderator and have her contact you to see what's going on. In the meantime, go to the other sites. They have open admissions, and you can get stuff from their files sections as well. Just join their sites via that button, and you should have instant access. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
  3. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Lgflamini is right-o....... helping one another by answering questions and being cyber-shoulders for each other to lean on is what gets people through this program.

    Another biggie to remember about those Yahoo boards is that somewhere under "options" or "preferences" or something, there is a spot to click whether you want an individual e-mail for each and every post that is made on the board, or to click that you want none. It chooses to send you an e-mail for each post automatically (at least it used to) unless you change it. I picked the option to get only important messages from the moderator (worded something like that) and I would just go to the boards and read posts that I chose to read. I think when you get an e-mail for each one, you don't always know the content of the post, so it might be about NC2 and you may be studying for the CPNE so it would be of no interest to you. You have to weed through a lot of e-mailed posts, plus your mailbox gets filled up REAL fast. People were always complaining about that. So just make sure the option is set where you want it.

    And maybe it has changed these days. I don't know. Maybe I am talking out of my butt. I do that sometimes. :hatparty:
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    Have you heard anything about it being difficult to pass state boards being an Excelsior graduate or to find a job.
  5. by   BBFRN
    Spazzynurse is right about the emails. But if you want to receive invites to the subgroups for each course, you have to allow individual emails now.


    If you go to the New York Board of Nursing website, you can look up the NCLEX pass rates for each nursing school. I don't remember the exact stats, but EXcelsior rated pretty darn high. Their exams are very NCLEX- like, so that helps us out a lot. I don't know of 1 of my study buddies yet that hasn't passed on the first try.
    I think it also depends on which state you live in as to whether you'll find it hard to get a job. Most facilities don't ask for that kind of info, anyway. Call your local BON and make sure they recognize EC, or have any restrictions on licensure there.
  6. by   mona b RN
    Maybe I am talking out of my butt. I do that sometimes.

    Spazzy, you crack me up. :chuckle

  7. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Mona: you said "crack"
    huh huh, huh huh huh (Butthead laugh) :chuckle

    lgflamini: the subgroup thing is relatively new to me. Thanks for setting me straight.

    lliley: I've talked to quite a ECers in my time, and I haven't heard of anyone not passing their first try. Maybe it's because for a lot of people the major load of stress is off now that they're done with the CPNE. I know that's how it was for me. I went into the NCLEX thinking of it more like it was just another EC course exam. And lgflamini is right---- the EC exams are a lot like the NCLEX.

    A wonderful resource for any NCLEX study tips and questions is Rosemary Kassal (spelling?) at EC. She's the head NCLEX person. She is WONDERFUL and tells you the best way to prepare. I can't say enough good things about her.
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    Quote from Spazzy Nurse
    And maybe it has changed these days. I don't know. Maybe I am talking out of my butt. I do that sometimes. :hatparty:

    Good to see you again, where have you been hiding?
    Miss your sense of humor here.
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    Quote from opalm
    Good to see you again, where have you been hiding?
    Miss your sense of humor here.

    I lurk, but I'll try to post more about my butt in the future.

    You guys have taken over me as far as answering questions for the new folks---- and I have to say you are doing a bang-up job! Keep it up! :kiss
  10. by   lliley
    I was wondering I am a new student to Excelsior and need to know the easiest way to set up care plans and nursing goals if you have any advice. Thanks
  11. by   BBFRN
    Lliley, get the Carpenito's Nursing Dx Handbook. It's the only one we can use for the CPNE, anyway. There is also a textbook you can get to go along with it, if you think you might need it. You have to get it separately, though.
  12. by   lliley
    I have that book, is it better to go with a basic diagnosis or be more elaborate. Is something like risk for infection related to compromised circulation secondary to obesity, or risk of infection related to surgery. Are those to general?
  13. by   BBFRN
    OK, you don't need a "secondary to" statement- they don't require that at all, so you can skip over all of those. The CPNE study guide even implicitely states this, so don't do secondary statements, and keep it simple.

    Your statements should be 3 part statements like: Risk for Infection R/T ________ (go down the list) AEB _________ (look at the S/SX's that warrant your R/T choice). Then pick 2 interventions (again, from the list), and 1 outcome/goal.

    Remember to keep your "Risk for" statements at a minimum, too. They only allow you to do 1 of these for the CPNE. The best way to start with a care plan is to know complications of a medical Dx, then think Airway, Breathing, Circulation first. These will usually be your primary Nsg Dxs. Then you can go from there.

    Does that help? Good luck- it helps to do a couple care plans for each medical problem you go over in the NC courses. There are a good amount of nursing process related questions on each exam, so you'll get plenty of practice in this area.