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Hi everyone, I see that this site is so active, I know I can get some good information. I am an LPN right now working in LTC, but desperate to get my RN (before I get too old..lol). I am... Read More

  1. by   RN1263
    i live in ohio & i called the state board they told me they do except excelsior but no other home study programs
  2. by   mgb
    I got my RN back in 1982 from them. I live in California. There has never been a problem. What you should check is whether the school is still NLN approved (not all nursing schools are). Excelsior was one of the first to carry that distinction.
    Note also that the credit I earned was considered upper division and transferrable when I entered my BSN program.
    Again, I have worked in acute care for over 20 years and NEVER had anyone question my external degree. I am very proud of it and you should be too.
  3. by   Agnus
    It is true CA does want to stop recognizing Excelsior Grads. Got this info from Excelsior.

    I started thinking about this and I wonder if the following may have something to do with it.

    A few years ago the head of the traditional ADN program that I attended stated, "As a whole new Regents graduates have more disaplinary actions taken against them than those from traditional schools."

    As you know Regents is now Excelsior. I do not know if this Nurse truly had her facts straight or not. I suspect she had at least some legitimate basis for making this statement. If there is truth in this statement then perhaps this is what California is looking at.
  4. by   Spazzy Nurse
    WOW! Wonder if that is true about EC students!! Interesting!
  5. by   fulwood
    GB girl, I am from Preston. Been in US since 1984. I lived in Newport News from 85-88 and now live in Arizona. I used to live in Denbigh (sp?), Fort Eustis and worked at the Whaling Company in Willliamsburg. I plan in next few years to move back to east coast and virginia high on my list> good luck in getting your RN degree
  6. by   mgb
    Not only am I a Regent's RN graduate but I have also been part of management of some large hospitals in the San Francisco Bay area. I have never heard of any such nonsense about Regents grads having more disciplinary actions against them. The hospital in the town I work in right now employs a large number of Regent's RNs and they have been working for years and are in all areas of the hospital from management to ICU and ED. I am not sure where your friend is getting this information but I would ask for documentation or some kind of proof.
  7. by   CraigB-RN
    I too question that comment.

    As a Director of Nursing and past Chief Flight Nurse. I've worked with many grads. As a whole, the Regents grads are some of my better employee's. That comment was prob a political statement that would be hard to confirm.

    Now there have been some grads who went into culture shock when they started working as an RN. Some of the EMT's and Paramedics were quite prepared for the work load. They tend to treat one or two patients at a time, but the majority adjusted well. At least as well as the traditional students.

    As a DON I support all my employee's who are looking into non traditional program. From my perspective, it's the best of all worlds. A combination of ADN and Diploma programs. They keep working for me while they are completing their program, were if they were to go traditional, they would have time to work.
  8. by   amk1964
    i trained for my lpn then went onto community college for my rn in nys and at that time[ late 1980's], nys regents was considered diffacult and only the smartest got through it.

    can you believe california??? what are they thinking????
  9. by   newbie1
    Hi--just an update on California from their state website:

    The California Board of Registered Nursing adopted the following motion at its board meeting on February 6, 2004:

    "The following action supersedes and replaces the December 5, 2003, Board action related to Excelsior College:
    "Excelsior College graduates, like other out-of-state graduates, must meet the requirements set forth in California Business and Professions Code Section 2736, including supervised clinical practice concurrent with theory, in order to be eligible for examination and licensure as a California registered nurse. This eligibility requirement applies to students who enrolled at Excelsior on or after December 6, 2003."
  10. by   jada52
    I use to live in CA and graduated as a LVN there. At that time they were accepting Regents nursing like crazy, nobody even questioned it. As a matter of fact they were urging all LVNs to
    go the Regents way. So what are they going to do with all the thousands of
    Regents(EC) RNs they have working in the state of CA now. Through them out to pasture, I don't think so. They must have had some BIGGG....disagreement......with EC. Whose knows.
  11. by   sak25
    I just signed up for the EC LPN to ASN-RN program, do you know if it is accepted in Minnesota? How did you go about getting loans since they do not allow for financial Aid?
  12. by   pedinurse05
    [quote=sak25]I just signed up for the EC LPN to ASN-RN program, do you know if it is accepted in Minnesota? How did you go about getting loans since they do not allow for financial Aid? [/quot

    I believe it is accepted in Minnesota. Before signing up you should have checked with your state board of nursing...they are the only one's that can tell you. You can call EC and they can advice you on financial assistance available. I did this program and basically just paid as I went. The prices have gone up since I did the program. I also advice you to stay awaf from publishing companies and use the free EC guides. You can purchase a few basic texts from half.com. I got the fundamentals book, med-surg, and a few others....and I did fine. Do good research before you dedicate yourself to distance learning. This program is not for everyone. If you can learn and study independently , you will do fine.
  13. by   sak25
    I have been doing distance learning for quite awhile and I love the freedom of it! I work nights at a DDRC so I end up getting a lot of my school work done there. I spoke to EC today and verified that MN does accept their credits. Thank you for your reply.