Do I still need to buy text books after purchasing College Network Study Guide?

  1. Hi, Thanks for responding to my question.
    Q: Do I still need to purchase any text book that Excelsior College recommend if I decide to purchase study guide from College Network?

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  3. by   tgb3rn
    Most will say that you do need to buy the textbooks as well. I only used the TCN study guides and they were 4-5yrs old. I will also say it depends on your skill level now, I am an LPN-C (IV cert), I work in a small town hospital where I get a to use my skills ALOT. I went through LPN school about 3 yrs ago so that is all still up there in my skull as well.
    If you are anything other than an LPN, working where you use your skills to the upmost, I would advise you to buy the EC textbooks.
    Just my thoughts, others may differ greatly, good luck.
  4. by   Avelinne
    I too am using College Network study guides for LPN-RN program at Excelsior Colllege. I just passed NC1 without purchasing any other textbooks. I used a mosby's dictionary, a drug book, and my LPN pharm book all as references, which by the way I had left over from my LPN nursing program. It can be done with only the CN study guides. I am happily studying NC 3 the same way. Hope this helps.
  5. by   TammyJo
    I only used TCN study guides. I thought their content was thorough. The only exception was for A&P, for that test I dug out my book from LPN school.
  6. by   JentheRN05
    I would avoid TCN at all costs they only provide you with textbook study guides, so not worth it
  7. by   firepilot17
    Quote from JentheRN05
    I would avoid TCN at all costs they only provide you with textbook study guides, so not worth it
    Not sure what she is talking about but the TCN guides seem to be very good to me. I am on NC2 and after reading a topic, I went back and skimmed through the chapters they said to review, and I would have to say TCN hit almost every topic. I would recommend them, but buy them off ebay!
  8. by   dessyrell
    i did...i would if i were you...
    just would Mosby's dictionary help on the first NC?
    from my experience, the questions are from the textbooks and the accompanying study guides...
    good luck on your exams..
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