1. hi guys,

    i am an excelsior grad actually (yaaaahhhoooo!!!) but i am still curious to knowing a little bit more about the deconness program.

    i understand that it is distance, like excelsior, except a bit more structured. does anyone know how structured? for example with excelsior you can take as long as 7 years or as little as a few months. what is the minimal time that you can finish their program if you are NOT an lpn? what about if you are an lpn?

    and altogether, how often do you have to go down to do the check-off clinicals? 5 times altogether?

    i heard it's like $400 per many courses are required (not including gen ed--i heard you have to have those all done before even starting the program?)

    i may not have my info straigh, so please correct me if i'm wrong and add more...i'd realy appreciate it! i have a friend who is trying to consider all her options.

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  3. by   opalmRN
    Hi Healthyone
    After reading your post my suggestion would be to go to the Deaconess website. You seem to have a great deal of questions and I think you will find the answers to all these questions and even more after visiting. They also provide a list of phone numbers (inside the online catalog) that you may want to call.

    Not to be confused IMO, the program at Deaconess is not very similar to Excelsior. Deaconess is a nursing college with programs on campus as well as through distance ed and both types of programs require classes that must be taken in a particular order and within defined time frames.

    I have throughly investigated both programs and while each one would be suitable for different types of situations, I have choosen Deaconess.

    Let me know if you have any difficulty with this web address.
  4. by   healthyone
    thanks opalm!
  5. by   NICURNtobe
    I spoke with the financial aid person at the school yesterday and found out that each class costs (get ready for this!) $410 A CREDIT HOUR!!!! Yes, you heard that right - A credit hour!! I almost fell out of my chair!
  6. by   mona b RN
    Yep, that's how much it costs. Wonder what the books are going to run?
  7. by   opalmRN
    Yup it is $$ but then most of the online programs are.

    University of Phoenix is, ARE YOU SITTING DOWN?, over $1300 PER COURSE for undergrad and over $1500 for graduate.

    CHA-CHING, talk about expensive. I have taken courses through UOP but my employer has paid for them, otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford them.

    And the online course I am currently taking with a local community college is over $700 and it's a community college!

    So I guess for the luxury of sitting in class in our PJs we will be paying dearly. Good thing we can go to class in PJs, that's all we will be able to afford.:roll