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Hello, I'm about to finish my ADN this Dec, and I am planning on completing my BSN ASAP. I just found out I was accepted into cal-state dominguez hills' RN-BSN program. I'm currently trying to... Read More

  1. by   GOODMED
    How easy is it to get into CSUDH RN-BSN. One of my kids will start 2nd RN program at LBCC and looking to apply to CSULB, LA, DH, FULLERTON, and SB. I think mostly it should be pretty easy. LBCC and CSULB has partnership and well.

    How is DH RN-BSN program in terms of quality and supportive professors?
  2. by   GOODMED
    How did it go since it has been a few years?

    My kid has 1 more year at LBCC ADN and thinking about either CSULB RN-BSN, or CSUDH online route?
    We are concerned about CSUDH reputation and career advancement VS CSULB repulation but traditional RN-BSN on campus and clinical.
  3. by   CV777
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has gone through the RN-BSn program at CSUDH and how was it? Do they have good curriculum, does it feel like a reputable BSN program etc?...
  4. by   Nursing_21
    First off, Congrats to being accepted ProgressiveThinking! Does the CSU Dominguez Hills RN-BSN online look at your GPA from your nursing? or how was your admission process when you were applying there? What were the admission requirements and how was your gap or whatever they asked from you when you applied? Any information will help! Thank You
  5. by   DrAres
    Questions about the student experience are great to post in these forums. Other questions such as admission requirements and insider information such as slectiveness of admissions is best to direct to the Nursing school itself.

    The origin of the RN-to-BSN program at CSUDH was in the late 1970's as leaders at the state level, health care leaders, and academics came together to develop an innovative program for working nurses to earn a BSN. At the time 12 hour shifts were not common and nurses found it difficult to attend traditional university courses. The Statewide Nursing Program was launched by grant funding and became such a success that it was housed on the CSUDH campus. It has never been traditional, but always met the needs working RNs with a quality program. Graduates of the program are dispersed all over the state working in every type of health care setting. Many have attained higher education including PhDs based on the BSN foundation they received at CSUDH. Some alums are in very prominant positions such as Chief Nursing Officers and members of the Board of Registered Nursing.

    A school's repuation is hard thing to get a handle on. It mostly invovles perception. The RN-to-BSN program at CSUDH is a non-selective program. Due to the online delivery, there isn't a need to limit the number of students due to space in a classroom. Also, the national expectation is for all RNs to complete their education to the BSN level as a minimum. So what's the point of selectivity once the pre-licensure education has been succefully completed? Bias against online education persists even in the face of a large body of evidence showing there is no significant difference in student outcomes when traditional and alternative education delivery are compared (see the website No Significant Difference). Online degree programs are often chosen by new nurses because they typically don't have any control over their work schedule.