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I am finished with the Assc. program, with the exception of completing the CPNE, which I have Frustratingly taken twice now, has anyone else "breezed" through the program, like myself, only now to be... Read More

  1. by   Raggedy Ann
    Quote from segalpn
    Sounds like Georgia all over again.
    Yes...All of the States affected just make me sick.
  2. by   NURSET2007
    I didnt get a letter. Do you have 2 be enrolled 2 get one? I just started and hope that I didnt just waste $300+ for nothing! I plan to be done with all exams by Oct 2009.
  3. by   bjbabs24
    If you already started kick it into high gear and get those tests done asap just in case they pass a bill saying that you have until such and such a date to get done. You have to remember that unless you can take a cancellation date you may have 7-9 months waiting time for the CPNE depending on what test site you choose. It can be done. I took a concept test every 3 weeks not that I had to but I wanted to keep the momentum going and get it over with.
  4. by   NURSET2007
    thats a good momentum! I hope that I can get in gear like that!
  5. by   arelle68
    I passed all my NC exams in 2 1/2 months. It's the CPNE that's the kicker!
  6. by   bjbabs24
    Trust me, I enrolled but kept putting off starting the exams for way tooooo long saying I was too busy. I really was busy but if I knew then what I know now even being busy I could have done it. I knew the only way to get through it was as soon I walked in the door from taking a test I would get online and register for the next one. I get so bored studying and it is easy to get side tracked with other things esp. with little ones at home so I knew I had to come up with a system that kept my in high mode and forced me to study. With the CPNE in my sites now I am in that mind frame again and when I don't feel like in the mood to study anymore in a day then I check out the boards here and EPN so even if I am not studying I am still doing something r/t CPNE. Good luck and you can't think about the what if's and what about tomorrow but instead think that I still have today and what should I be doing today to get me closer to that goal.
  7. by   katherine100
    What caused you to fail stinky? Werent you told?
  8. by   TLSpaz
    Quote from medroomromance
    What I want to know is do they check if you do it everytime or when you do it once you get checked off for that skill and cannot be failed after that.
    The short answer is that you get checked off every time and if you miss one time, you fail. Ex: You ID your pt upon entering the room as part of your 20 min. check. The pt has a med due thirty mins later. You must ID your pt again before giving the med.

    Use the EPN on the Excelsior website to read about other students' experiences with the CPNE. You will get tons of insight and the boards are monitored by nursing faculty, so you have reasonable assurance that the info given there is correct.