Cost of excelsior?

  1. Ok I think I am confused. I was looking at the excelsior website and it says that a credit is $290, and a class is 4 credits ex Anat. So that would be $1160 plus the $295 to take the test? I am so confused with it all.

    I am taking the general ed classes at the local college to save some money, but I may switch to EX to work at my own pace.

    Anyone have a list of the costs for the LPN to RN program.

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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Taking a course is different than taking an exam.

    I have not taken any classes through Excelsior but I am in the LPN - RN program. My total cost will be about $5k.
  4. by   nursemindy1204
    I am sorry to be so stupid on this subject. So does that mean I have to pay for the course and pay for the exam?

    Can you break the 5K down for me a little.

    My concerns is I am a single parent who want to get my RN badly. I am not able to do clinicals because I have to work a full-time job. I can probably come up with the $290 to take the exam but if I have to pay $ per credit hour on top of it that is going to be tough for me.

    Thanks for any help... I have read and re-read the excelsior board
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    You do NOT need to take any classes, just exams, so the only cost is per exam.

    I am the old curriculum, so this is something like it breaks down:

    $900 enrollment
    $235 per class
    $60 per practice exam - optional, but worth it
    $1700 CPNE
    Graduation fee - aruund $1000?
  6. by   Conqueror+
    The cost of graduation is only $495 The ASN tests are 205 each and you ONLY pay that. Not extra money for credits etc. You pay the 205 and take the test. When you pass they put the grade and credits on your transcript. My hubby is going to cost less than 6,000 for everything including the CPNE and graduation fees. Hope this helps. You should also call the College and talk to them. Make sure you understand everything.
  7. by   caliotter3
    In addition to what the others have said, try to avoid procrastination. After your first year of enrollment, they charge you a yearly fee just to stay enrolled, something like $430 per year. This is unnecessary if you enroll, get on the ball, and finish your requirements in a timely manner (check out the threads about Lunah, she posted that she started taking NC exams in June, just now finished them ((all 7 of them)), they can be done at a fast pace if you push yourself). The only time wasting you should be encountering is the 6 to 9 month wait for the CPNE at the end. So, save yourself the yearly enrollment fees by moving fast, once you start. Good luck and best wishes for your success.
  8. by   NC Girl BSN
    everyone is right. I'm under the new curriculum because I enrolled after Oct 1st. I have hundreds of credit hours because I have a BS degree. You need 31 undergrad general educations hours along with the nursing component. So you will pay more than others who have completed their general education. For me, Its gonna cost right at $5355.

    Enrollment fee: $895
    8 Nursing Classes:$1640
    Yearly fee if not completed in a year: $495
    CPNE: $1825
    Don't for get about books:$500


    ***But I also did not include Workshops and clinical supplies because I plan to attend 1-2 after I complete my course studies.Hope this helps!
  9. by   nursemindy1204
    Thank you everyone for your help. It answered many questions. I am planning to do some pre-reqs at the local college (cheaper and I can save for excelsior) and then moving into excelsior.

    The only question I have left is about the yearly fee. Is it Jan-Jan or one year from when you enroll?

  10. by   caliotter3
    The yearly fee is from when you enroll. It might be adjusted to coincide with the start of the fiscal year (Oct). I don't know about this, because I started in Oct. But I do know that it does not go from Jan to Jan. You do get your full year's worth. HTH