1. I have applied to EC, but after reading some of these threads I'm confussed. What is the difference between CLEP and ECE. I thought that CLEP was the exams you take to earn prereqites through EC. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME GET CLARITY.........................
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  3. by   Boston-RN
    CLEP exams are exams you can take to fulfill your pre-req (non-nursing) requirements such as growth & development, sociology, humanities etc. Excelsior accepts CLEP exam scores in place of those classes. The rest of the nursing exams need to go through Excelsior.

    The website to find out more about what the CLEP tests entail is

    Hope this helps
  4. by   LuvWounds
    thank you for you info. do you know if you register through EC for the clep exams also.
  5. by   Boston-RN
    Nope, CLEP is not affiliated with EC at all. Most colleges accept CLEP exams for credits. The exams are available at a variety of places. If you go on the the website I left you it will make more sense and explain everything you need to know. The cost is approx $80/exam +/- depending on the location.
  6. by   chip193
    CLEP exams are brought to you by our friends at The College Board, the same fun-loving folks who bring you the SAT.

    You register for a CLEP exam where you want to take it - i.e. if you want to take it at XYZ College, you find the department there who does them. is the CLEP site.

    Good luck!
  7. by   mfd7374
    What kind of study material are out there for the CLEP exams?
  8. by   chip193
    Quote from mfd7374
    What kind of study material are out there for the CLEP exams?
    Visit Barnes and Noble or Borders or any large bookstore and you'll find tons of CLEP info in the "study aids" area.

    My favorite thing is still Cliff's Quick Review after getting the review guide from the College Board. It is what has worked for me!

    Good luck!
  9. by   mfd7374
    Is it better to CLEP gen eds or to take the exams through EC?
  10. by   chip193
    Quote from mfd7374
    Is it better to CLEP gen eds or to take the exams through EC?
    CLEP is about 1/3 the cost of an ECE, so from a cost perspective it's much better. From a scheduling standpoint, it is much easier to get a timely exam with an ECE. So, really, it's up to you.
  11. by   donsterRN
    As an older student at a traditional school, the CLEP program is excellent for me. Costs around $80 for full course credit. I took and passed Psychology CLEP in March (3 credits transferred right in), and I'll be taking the Sociology CLEP in May. It'll be the same cost, which beats the cost for taking the course. To me, CLEPping out of an exam if you're able to is the way to go.
  12. by   mfd7374
    If I have the proper study guides, book and do the studying I can CLEP courses that I do not have all that much knowlege with, like Sociology?
  13. by   mfd7374
    One more question. Should I apply to EC now then enroll after more of eds out of the way and before Sept. changes take place.
  14. by   chip193
    I'd use CLEP before an ECE for a test that you're not sure that you're going to pass. The CLEP exam is less costly.

    As for not having much knowledge, my wife and I both took the Psych CLEP on the same day. She spent months working on the exam. She took it first - at 10:00. While she was in the exam, I read the summaries of each chapter. I then took it at 11:00. I scored higher - high enough for an EC B.

    It all depends on how good you are at taking tests.

    Now, as for enrolling - I'd blast away at a few gen eds first. You only get a year with your enrollment - so it makes sense to blast away the exams as you'll get hit with charges to stay enrolled each year. You know what gen eds you need, so do them first. Then enroll.

    Good luck!