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Is anyone out there considering or doing the ASN/ADN program through the Chancellors Institute/Regents College. If so what do you think about it? I am considering it, but would like to get some... Read More

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    Just to let you know.... Received my transcript eval in mail today from Excelsior. They will accept 30 cr of my lower division classes, but will not accept my LPN (even though I am licensed and have practiced) as it was completed more than 5 yrs ago. Anybody found a way around this? Are all the LPN to RN programs this way. Doesn't make much sense to me. Looks like traditional schooling is the only way to go until I have my RN.
    I'm doing the ADN program through Excelsior College. They gave me credit for having a valid LPN license in my state and knocked off one of the required tests, so I only had to take 7 tests instead of 8.