Academy of Nursing, anyone?


    A Salt Lake City school that tutors nursing students has failed to refund hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegally collected tuition and could face sanctions as a result.
    The Utah Division of Consumer Protection has given the Academy of Nursing, a private trade school, until the end of the week to present a viable payback plan.
    But even if the school complies and avoids closure by the division, there will be casualties: Hundreds of students who enrolled in the Academy's medical training program no longer qualify for the New York nursing school to which they sought admission.

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  3. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Haaaaaaaaaa! Goodbye, woosy little Rob Butner!!

    (thanks for posting, Deej!!)
  4. by   CSLee3
    Glad I used Chancellors for my business! It would be a classy move if one of the other companies such as Chancellors or Moore, Rue TCN stepped up and offered these students some discounted material so they don't totally loose their butts.
  5. by   cnelle101
    something like this happend in my state expect it was the U of P.
  6. by   kimlpn
    WOW!!! They really are a bunch of weasels...glad I was informed of them and their ways--I stayed clear and stuck with only Excelsior!!!
  7. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    I am so glad somebody figured out what weasels they are!!!! But I feel bad for those who believed them.

    There is a school here that I saw driving to a funeral, sign out front said Academy of Nursing.

    I admit I didn't follow up on it. Other than Weasel U, I hadn't heard of them.

    Party time! Justice at last!!!