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  1. CA RN License by endorsement question

    Welcome to California... Call BRN and see if you can use a CLEP exam to satisfy the sociology requirement; if they won't take the CLEP score directly then you should still be able to have the score sent to a community college and get it on a transcr...
  2. Excelsior's status in Louisiana

    Hate to say it, but the Lousiana RN application specifically states "Graduates of Excelsior College must submit a copy of their LPN license." They don't have an endorsement appli...
  3. Considering Nursing as a Career Change:)

    Nope, unless you are an LVN/LPN or paramedic, you won't be able to enroll in the Excelsior program. If you're starting from scratch, your best bet is to go directly into a traditional 2 year RN program.
  4. Doesn't sound too "online" to me.
  5. Excelsior and Clinical Issues

    That's absurd. You were hired, you were on the floor, you had obviously satisfied your preceptor that you were a competent nurse...and only THEN someone raised a nonexistent "issue" with your education? I hope you have a union. That's why it's so i...
  6. ?? about BSN

    I just enrolled in the University of Wyoming online program. They accept the EC science classes (A&P, micro, etc.) without lab, which was kind of a big deal for me; I don't want to have to retake them unless absolutely necessary. They are also...
  7. CPNE practice session question

    I went to Tina's (CHE) workshop. The labs were set up identically to the actual CPNE. (When I say identically, I mean identically. The wound simulator for the wound packing station was the exact same one I used on the CPNE.) PCSs are hard to simu...
  8. Excelsior exams. Do you get a letter grade?

  9. Advisor told me to lie!

    Presented without comment: There are lots of other RN to BSN programs out there. Quite a few of them specifically state they will accept new grads. Most of them are substantiall...
  10. Cost of Excelsior?

    Those numbers came from a page on EC's website for National Nurses Week. It's no longer available on EC's website but you can find it in Google's cache. The Fresno City College numbers came from BRN's website.
  11. Cost of Excelsior?

    Huh? In any event, EC's NCLEX pass rate for 2005 was 90.30%. The national average was 87.46%. Just to stir the pot some, the largest RN program in California (Fresno City College) had a 74.25% pass rate in 2005.
  12. What - if anything - does NP licensure have to do with RN to BSN education? NP programs are now all Master's level, and while individual programs have differing entry requirements (some require a NLN/CCNE approved BSN, others are happy with any bach...
  13. Well, considering there is no such thing as a "BRN approved/accepted/accredited" RN to BSN program, I don't think you have much to worry about. As someone above stated, the main thing to consider is the potential acceptance by future MSN/NP programs...
  14. NOW I'm in shock.

    Sure it specifically mentions EC. Graduates of schools outside the United States or graduates of non- NLN or CCNE accredited programs may be asked to provide additional information following review of their application. See? It specifically mentions...
  15. How do u go about picking the right online program?

    Here's a link I found while googling around: As long as your program is either CCNE or NLN approved, it's fine. Stay away from programs that aren't accredited by either.