50% traditional RN Program?

  1. I everyone I am new here and was reading through a bunch of these threads, which by the way were very, very helpful and informative and finally made me decide to start the EC LPNtoRN program . My question is I see that some people are talking about having to complete 50% of a tratitional RN program. I'm very confused do I have to do the same? I am have been an LPN for alittle over a year now. Anyone who can explain would be very much appreciated!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I think you are becoming confused with the entrance requirements. In the past, many more categories of people could enter the Excelsior nrsg program. They have been limiting it over the yrs. One of the categories to get into the program is to have a LPN license. Another category is to have completed at least 50% of a traditional RN program. Suggest you go to the Excelsior website and download a copy of the nrsg school catalog (which you should have if you enroll) and/or read the section on entrance requirements online. You should also look for the info where they tell you that one of the exams can be waived if you are an LPN; the info on time limits (people used to be able to take their entire adult life if they wanted to!!), and the alert on the front page about some a change in requirements coming up soon Oct 07 I believe. This last change is very important. You want to beat the deadline and enroll before the new rules take effect if you can. (Unless my memory is wrong and the new rules started in Oct 06). It changes the tests required and the costs involved. Also, a hint, the longer you procrastinate in the program, the more money you will be paying out (until you reach the kick out date) b/c they charge you a continuation fee each yr. Its best to get in motivated and get out as soon as possible. Good luck. Hope you get in the program. (Oh, forgot: if you plan to move from NY, make sure the new state accepts Excelsior, more states are now starting to not recognize Excelsior).
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    thanks caliotter, just got confused there, soo.. much info! Don't have any plans of leaving NY so I should be ok with that. Gonna call the college tomorow woth a list of questions and get myself going. thanks again for the info
  5. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    I wouldn't say MOST states...i believe that this is WHY EC is changing their curriculum, this is so that those that are going the EC route wouldn't have difficulty getting licensed in other states..it is a very reputable and nationally recognized school...XoXo
  6. by   EricJRN
    Keep in mind that this thread was several months old.