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  1. Hello my name is Lachell and I am in desperate need of help. I am an aspiring nurse and I attend my local community college. When I was young and dumb (17) I made a big mistake as a minor and stole from my job. I was charged with Grand Theft (3rd degree felony). Because it was my first offense I was entered into a diversion program. The charges were later dropped. I turned my life around and I am now a 23 year old Army combat veteran and I have just now received my paperwork from FDLE saying that my record is now expunged. Although this is great news for me, I am nervous because I know in the RN program you have to go to different sites to do clinicals. I was told by the coordinator of the RN program at my community college that clinicals are conducted at several different sites but the only one that does fingerprint search is our VA hospital. And Everyone should know that even if your record is expunged, whenever someone does a fingerprint search your demographic info will still come up. I have already talked to the CNA coordinator and she told me not to worry about my record because I dont have to do my clinicals at the VA, just remind her of my situation when I register for the course. I've also talked with the NC BON and the representative explained to me that any charges dismissed or expunged will not be held against me, just to make sure I tell the truth about my criminal history on my application for my RN license. So all that's left is the RN program. So the question is: Do you guys think my VA hospital will let me conduct my clinicals with my record? and if not.. Will I be able to ask the Nurse in charge for a different rotation to avoid fingerprint search? Please help me, and if you've been in this same situation please let me know. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   sbearde7
    I'm sure you will be fine. Everyone has made mistakes in their past. Whenever you finish school and get ready to sit for boards you will have to a lot of stuff if you have been arrested that others don't have to do, but no one in my class had any trouble. The worst thing is that you'll have to go before the board and present your case.
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    Moving to Nursing Licensure with a Criminal History forum.
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    I have the equivalent to a 3rd degree felony on my record from when I was a juvenile and it does not show up on background checks and it was a violent crime (aggravated vehicular assault). I am in my last semester of nursing school and have not had any issues with clinical placements, although my school told me that I would in the beginning.
  6. by   Lachell_904
    @kaydensmom01-OMG that's relieving to hear!