Legal issues

  1. Ok I passed my NCLEX and now I am waiting on legal to clear me. I was arrested year's ago for traffic tickets and when they ran my background check the arrest showed up but didn't say what it was for so I had to send in documentation and now I'm waiting before I can get a license number has anyone else had to deal with legal and how long did it take? I sent in my documents on the 11th of January it's now the 17th. I called today and they haven't even looked at them yet.
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  3. by   bugya90
    It depends on your state. I know for Texas for some of my classmates it took anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to get their paperwork processed.
  4. by   Elevier0929
    oh No! That's terrible!! When I called today they didn't seem in to much of a hurry. The lady said hopefully she will get to my paperwork by the 25th. So frustrating, I never thought something so small as traffic tickets would hold me back even longer from getting a license number. Thank you for your response. I'm in Kansas!
  5. by   verene
    For my classmates who had legal issues it took 2-6 weeks to process depending on a number of variables (offense, same state/different state etc).
  6. by   Leader25
    jan 15 was a holiday weekend.
  7. by   Leader25
    Traffic tickets a "small"thing?.You have not learned your lesson well.If you think traffic tickets are a hassle,better be prepared for the nursing hassle ,where documentation,signatures,scanning,time clock nursing are full blown.
  8. by   Forest2
    I take it they were unpaid tickets and you accumulated some. Why not have your record expunged?
  9. by   SobreRN
    What were the traffic tickets? If they were infractions such as speeding you would not be arrested if you took care of them. Were any of the tickets misdemeanors?
    If you accumulated them but blew them off you would have failure to appear but the underlying traffic offenses should still be infractions if that is what they were to begin with. I have had a couple of speeding tickets/ fix-it tickets. My father was an LAPD Sgt and he advised me that even the smallest fix-it ticket is going to be a larger fine if I ignore it.
    Anyway traffic infractions were not an issue, I am sure they show up but every job I have ever had asks only if I have had anything more severe than a minor traffic ticket. What is the traffic ticket which got you arrested?
    Anyway best of luck to you!