DUI thoughts, for those who judge:

  1. In AZ it's like this- you get arrested. Maybe you hire a lawyer, and get the case dismissed. Even so- the MVD will not dismiss the charge, you will get 8 points, breathalyzer for a year, flagged DL for a year, and so on and so forth with the penalties. People here are not aware of that, and boy! what a suprise! The court dismissed the case! WHAT is going ON?!! Sad, but the MVD operates on it's own, much like a BON. Also, when you apply for a license you STILL have to report that arrest, regardless. So you, even though having an arrest dismissed, are still a marked soul. So before any of you (and I'll say I have seen very few) are too quick too judge others, stop and think about the 'by the grace of god go I' mantra.
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  3. by   Kiwidanni
    So you were arrested for DUI and you think that because the case was dismissed, that it never actually happened?
    Sorry but I cant help but judge. It's not by the grace of God that I don't go there. It's by my own ability to judge whether or not certain ILLEGAL behaviours should be engaged in or not. Getting the case dismissed doesn't change the fact that you did it. Therefore, own responsibility for your actions.
  4. by   Tiger747
    Cases do not get dismissed unless you are innocent, typically.
    I cannot imagine even the best lawyer getting charges dismissed
    in the face of hard evidence (ie., a raging breathalyzer).

    Point is, in America, we are innocent until proven guilty. Since the
    charges were dismissed, the person is evidently innocent.

    In my state, they can arrest you for having a beer too many and calling a cab. New law.
    Yep, they'll pull you out of the back seat. I would say calling a cab is good judgement.
    (I had heard they had arrested people at bars walking across the sidwalk to a taxi.)

    Unless someone is pretty darned impaired with alcohol, I would rather be on the road with them
    than someone on a cell phone, or overly tired (sleepy), or certain perscription drugs (as in a
    Soma comma). Even Benadryl.

    I just think we have taken things too far, as is evidenced by our prisons. All of us have been
    guilty of poor judgement in one way or another. Jay walking is illegal in most places. There are
    laws still on the books in most places from the early 1900's that have not even been removed.
    So.... if the town you live in really needs revenue, you can find yourself in trouble over something
    you did not even think was illegal (as in taxi example above).
  5. by   Karl Farmer
    I will also add that if you have been reading my posts about how BON eat their own? Also, I have seen how nurses themselves fail to offer support to their peers. Again, I'll ask you to refrain from addressing any comments to me, if you don't mind. My goal is to nurture, and offer advice about a situation I am very involved with, to someobody who is rightfully scared about her future, for having made a bad decision that will harm her for life.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
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