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Kiwidanni has 6 years experience and specializes in NICU, Peds.

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  1. Kiwidanni

    Comfort care

    How about "I am your Dad's nurse, and his wishes were bla bla bla, which I am legally and morally bound to abide by. I'm sorry that you are in this situation and understand you are grieving but I must do what your dad wanted".
  2. Kiwidanni

    Help! Cute Visitation Sayings in LTC facility....

    How about simple and to the point for those who don't get subtle niceties. I find "please stay home if you are sick" works quite well.
  3. Kiwidanni

    Dx: Paralysis secondary to hospital admission

    I hope that for those whom hospital induced paralysis is an issue use some assertiveness in dealing with such patients. I'm sure the ones that complain, because you say to them "You are capable of wiping your own bottom, now I have to go and do XXXX. Let me know if you need anything that you can't do yourself" and treat them well accordingly without pandering, are few and far between. I've had elderly gentlemen ask me to wash their genital area for them when they can do it themselves, and my response is "I'll do your back and your feet, you can do all the inbetween bits" and they do understand you are just calling them on their BS. Don't stand for it, and you won't have to keep doing it.
  4. Kiwidanni

    First ER death

    Do your ER's not have private rooms? Or proper beds? Cos ours sure do. There are stretchers for resus and quick visits, and proper rooms with proper beds if they are needed. Why send a patient to an already crowded floor if the ER can handle it?
  5. Kiwidanni

    Casuals: Experiences and # of hours you work

    Don't know about the first poster, but I cover sick calls, or shifts where the unit is over loaded and they need more staff.
  6. Kiwidanni

    Casuals: Experiences and # of hours you work

    I do casual and could certainly turn it into a full time job if I wanted to, I'm offered that many shifts. And that's just in one small unit. I've just been taking weekened shifts at the moment though. WIll take more next year I guess.
  7. Kiwidanni

    All nurses do is wipe butts

    All firefighters do is rescue cats from trees.
  8. Kiwidanni

    Not a waitress or barista

    "I'm sorry, I'm busy right now, though I can show your wife where the kitchen is and she can make the tea for you, and for herself while she's at it".
  9. Kiwidanni

    Urgent: need help with important project.

    If this project was so important, then you should have done it earlier. Thus, my response is: do your work the way you are supposed to in a timely fashion. Nurses need to learn good time management or they (and their patients) suffer the consequences. The consequence this time may be that you fail a paper and have to re-submit it. Better than not learning time management and prioritisation and having much more dire consequences/
  10. Kiwidanni

    insignificant complaint...lol

    Hmm most of the doctors where I work introduce themselves: "I'm Sam, one of the doctors with the renal service" (for example). Same in other hospitals in my city.
  11. Kiwidanni

    help, new grad with first NARCOTIC med error :(

    Even those who have practised for a long time know that this advice is rubbish. Check your drugs before you give them ... that's advice worth following. Not "meh, don't worry if you make a mistake, cos the dr will cover your butt".
  12. Kiwidanni

    24/7 Video Cameras in ICU rooms

    Just because I do all the "right things" at the "right times" doesn't mean I want a camera on me while I'm doing it. How can you properly establish a rapport with a patient and their family if you are being filmed doing it? Additionally, what about a patients right to privacy, and the families right to be as normal as possible in an already stressful situation. If a family is struggling with a very sick child, they don't need to be filmed while they cry at the childs bedside. And a child of 10 years of age doesn't need to be filmed being sponge bathed either. Camera's should be utilised only when there IS a problem, not because there might be one somewhere, some time, for some people.
  13. Kiwidanni

    mandatory reporting

    Surely you are morally obliged to report abuse regarless of what the law says?
  14. Kiwidanni

    Mass patient Incidence

    Any incidence which leads to a mass of patients.
  15. Kiwidanni

    Things you "should" be taught in nursing school

    So I always wondered with the "K" stood for in EKG - considering it's an electroCardiogram (we call it - more accurately - an ECG here in NZ). Today I wiki'd it and discovered that the K is for the german version ... electroKardiogram. So congratulations America on randomly adopting a Germanism instead of sticking with the English version lol.
  16. Kiwidanni

    Treat all patients the same

    You can treat patients equally well without treating them 'the same'. No two people are the same, thus no two people will ever be treated the same. But that doesn't mean they are inequal, and I guess that's what the "treat patients all the same" idea is getting at.