CA BVNPT Enforcement delays, how long was your wait?

  1. I took my NCLEX-PN exam on 1/14/2013 and received my letter stating I passed the NCLEX-PN on 2/13/2013, "but the processing of my license application will be delayed until the BVNPT Enforcement Division has completed its review and evaluation". Would anyone be willing to share how long this process took if you recently experienced the same situation? I submitted all my documents twice, first with my application and a second time on 1/23/2013 because I had received a letter the day before I took my test that BVNPT needed additional information. Thanks, look forward to hearing from anyone else experiencing enforcement delays.
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  3. by   DeBerham
    The BVNPT is a bad joke. They are traditionally the slowest board to send out license information to requesting agencies when I file for reciprocity in other states. They also sat on my (and the other California resident's) application for 6 months post graduation. When I say sat on, the application sat on someone's desk because my school failed to stamp a page. Apparently calling the school or us was too difficult a task so there it sat. I lived in Sacramento so I was doing weekly trips to their office to see what was taking so long. Good luck
  4. by   ddlvnv
    Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I wish I was a little closer to their office, but I have been checking any which way I can think of. I had left several voicemails without any response it just seems like its taking forever. We graduated in Aug 2012, received our Authorization to Test right before Christmas, and I tested on Jan 14th, so its going on six months now. I am trying to be patient since it is out of my control, I understand this additional delay with the background check is due to mistakes that I made when I was younger, but you think they could begin the background investigations when the applications are submitted? I came across and was reading some of the previous Board Meeting minutes and quarterly Executive Officer's reports that are posted on the BVNPT site for public viewing, I was amazed when I found the Enforcement Analyst assigned to my case under the section listing people who no longer work there, and she hasn't worked there since Nov. 2012. I just received my pass letter a couple weeks ago and they are still putting her name on things when she's been gone for 3 months. So I sent an email inquiring who is actually reviewing my case, if she is in fact no longer working in the department. I could not believe it, someone answered my email and in the same day! I am very thankful to the this employee who gave me updated info on my application process, but I am still very nervous. Even though I passed the NCLEX-PN, I do not know if the BVNPT will grant me my license. I guess I continue to wait and work on my prerequisites for the LVN-RN Bridge program, hopefully I find out before applications are due for the next semester. Anyway, thanks for sharing and thanks for reading. Much appreciated!
  5. by   ddlvnv
    Just an update to anyone else out there looking for info regarding LVN licensure with background check delays....I just received my letter today stating I passed my background check and have been approved for my license!
  6. by   2121xxx
    There are some real nightmare stories about the BVNPT taking forever on enforcement issues. Your's is straightforward, and it still took a long time. On oddball cases, the BVNPT's lack fo speed and decisiveness has been... well, let's say that scandalous is arguably not too strong of a word. I know one LVN who was working on the floor when an incident occured involving a possible patient care deficiency that called for an investigation by the BVNPT. They investigated, and never got back with the facility about it. Two years later, an investigator contacted the nurse, who was now living in another state, saying that they had just gotten around to doing follow-up phone calls. Two years! After the phone call, the nurse was held in limbo, being told that the investigation was still going on. Subsequent calls got no response at all. It took two more years with a lawyer's intervention to finally get some sort of decent information about the case. Apparently, there was papaerwork sitting on desks, or in a file cabinet somewhere, never addressed, or some such. In fact, the nurse never did actually recieve an official notice of exoneration. The lawyer said he couldn't get anyone on the phone who knew what was going on. The nurse was in limbo professionally, not being able to apply for jobs because of the question on the applications asking about ongoing investigations. Professional paralysis! The lawyer finally advised the nurse to just act like nothing had happened, and apply for jobs, and cross fingers that the BVNPT wouldn't suddednly rear its head up later with some sort of charges. It had taken 4 years to get to this point (and, as mentioned, the was never an official conclusion). The lawyer said he had been dealing with the BVNPT for a long time, and they had gotten to be in an increasingly grave state of disarray over the years (they had been more organized and efficient way back, he said). This was around 1999-2003 or therabouts. Possibly they have improved since then, but possibly not. To name names, at the time the head honcho of the BVNPT was *********-- she still has that position. It sure looks like she is just drawing a check and not doing her job. Cozy for *******; too bad for everyone else. Sorry ********, but what goes around comes around. You are a disaster, and you know it. No excuses.
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  7. by   mlbluvr
    I've had the exact opposite experience with the state of CA. Prompt, even TOO prompt replies, courteous (even almost friendly) correspondence, and clear, concise directives from that office. And on the telephone, everyone has been very courteous and professional, mellow, even. Maybe it's the cloud of marijuana hanging over the state? I don't know. They've recently laid off several people in that office, since the entire state of CA is not only bankrupt, but is also suffocating itself by the weight of its 'ungodly' cumbersome regulations. You can't keep passing 1000's of new laws, yet have fewer people on the payroll to deal with the resultant chaos- even advanced software has its limits.
  8. by   2121xxx
    @mlbluvr: i am regretting coming down so hard on *******... i might be wrong... maybe she is hogtied by regulations and unions and whatever else. I wish I could edit my post to be more cautious and even-handed in my assessment of her. Yet, the gist of my account as i wrote it, stands. That nurse was left in a four-year professional limbo that was never resolved. As mentioned, this happened around 1999-2003, so I can not speak to the present. Still, human nature and economic history shows us that when there is a monopoly, which the BVNPT is, with a guaranteed income stream of taxes and fees supporting it, there is all-but-certainly going to be complacency and inefficiency.
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  9. by   foster123112
    CONGRATULATIONS I'm in the same situation now....after more than 4 wks of sending the required paperwork, the enforcement agent I left a message for called me back only to tell me she had forwarded my case to another enforcement agent & when I asked if everything is ok now she replied, um no you need to call that enforcement agent. I was speechless coz idk how to take her answer. I was wondering if you ever made any attempts to call the enforcement agent?
  10. by   karrikon
    It's been seven weeks, endorsing from NC to CA. How much longer do you suspect I have until I hear?
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    Hey I'm in the same situation but the board told me that they submitted the request for the report. And to wait 30 days. Did they instruct you to request the police report or did u do that on your on part?