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I already have my RN license but i am currently not working. I was wondering if anyone knows when you have a criminal record expunged does anything show up when the hospitals do a background check... Read More

  1. by   mf622m
    hi i applied for the boards after i got my expungement. however when calling the boards to ask to tell me my license number over the phone they said my fingerprinting came up positive. I told them I had my record expunged. The representative then said that i have to mail in a copy of my verification for expungement and the court record. I spoke to my lawyer and he said that the state should have not released the conviction to the BON. He made a few calls and found out that the state did not erase/seal my record the day that the judge granted my expungement. They sealed it almost a month later. I took my finger printing a few days before they actually erased my record. My lawyer said I could sue the state because they released my record when the judge ordered them to have them sealed/erased. Will the BON not give me my license now? My lawyer said that since I had the expungement I am allowed to check "no" when they ask if I have ever convicted of a crime. I just want to be a nurse. I was arrested years ago. I hope that giving my expungement letters will clear this up.
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    See info in this thread Nursing Licensure With A Criminal History .

    Most states BON require you to check YES, then explain record expunged and send documentation. Depending on how long ago conviction was, reflects on issuance of license. Each state is different.

    Search your states nursing newsletters for info on subject and contact state board is only way to determine requirements.
  3. by   tommyw1016
    To: Sirena922 and mf622m
    Many things have changeg in Nursing, Federal, Law enforcement and and other positions of trust. Most institutions of employment will question a potential employee about what happen, when the alledged offence took place and the outcome of the case. One needs to be honest with an employer, approach each enterview with a positive attitude, focusing on what you will bring to an institution and what they can expect from you. A positive, air of confidence in your ability and a belief that the position is yours will aid in preventing past misdeeds from adding fuel to low self esteem.
    Back in the early 90's' I was the ADON of a 250 Long Term Facility. A young female called regarding an ad for a nurse and I informed her that we were looking for nurse on our skill floor. The position seeking nurse stated that she had been living in a half way house for substance abuse, had completed the required treatment and wanted to get back into the work force to care for herself and her children. I informed this person that she could come and apply for the position, but when she applied at other institutions not to offer up to much information that was not requested. I suggested if asked, she inform the interviewer that she was in an abussive relationship, (the drugs did beat her up); that she needed to seek protection and moved into a halfway to save her life, (this was the truth); and that she was no longer afraid. She later call me thanking me and informed me she was working in a hospital. JUST THINK BEFORE SPEAKING.