Nursing Levels in BC

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I am considering becoming a nurse in British Columbia, Canada. Here there are 4 levels of RNs, levels 3-6. Each has a different salary, what are these considering there already are salary differences based on experience (first to ninth year)?

Thanks for any clarification.


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Level 3 is your floor nurse, level 4 charge nurse and equivalent, level 5 is hospital charge and I'm not sure on level 6. Unionized workplaces generally start you on level 3 at the pay equivalent to how many years worked


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Thanks for the reply. Then, will promotion between the levels be based on things like experience, drive and leadership abilities?


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I'm not sure what you are really asking.

An RN is an RN. There is no promotions. The pay scale is based upon hours worked. All floor RNs are trained to be Charge, usually in the first year of employment. Unit Managers are excluded from the unit and are no longer required to be RNs, they can be holders of any healthcare related degree. In many LTC's it's not unheard of for the Unit or Programme Manager to be a Social Worker or PT.

Here in Alberta, there is no such animal as Hospital Charge. We have shift supervisors that cover each service. A director of Nursing oversees all nurses be they RN, LPN or RPN. Usually the Director of Nursing has an advanced degree and in many cases some sort of Administration Degree.


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Thanks for the greater detail. One more thing: how important, if at all, is BSN school prestige?

Are my career prospects affected by going to a smaller or less prestigious school?


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No to be honest any schools outside of BC will not be that well known in BC. Canada prefers in-country grads. The only thing out of province and out of country graduates should focus is on experience. Unless you went to school in BC, BC values that highly instead of the name of the school.