Would you hire someone who only stayed at a job for a short period of time?

  1. I'm having a serious dilemma right now. I graduated a year ago, and for a year I couldn't get a job anywhere! My ideal job is to work at a hospital, in a critical care unit, but starting in a Med-Surg floor isn't a bad idea either as long as it is in the hospital. I've always dreaded working for LTC because of the stories I heard about med passes, short staffing, and non-paid overtime. But because I really needed the money, I applied at LTC's and recently got a job at one. And sure enough, those things I've long dreaded existed there.

    Just today I got an email that I can call and set up an interview with one of the hospitals I applied for months ago. This hospital is like 6 hours away from where I live now, so yes I have considered moving if it means having a hospital job.

    Now, what I'm afraid of is that, on my interview day once they find out I have a job right now (which I've only had for like a month) and that I'm willing to leave just like that, I'm afraid that they will think I'm some sort of a job hopper, which I really am not. While it is true that I did "settle" because of necessity, having a hospital job is my aim and where I intend to stay for years.

    On my resume/application, I wrote that I currently wasn't working as a nurse (I got my LTC job after applying). I don't know if I should even tell them I have a job now because I'm sure they will ask what I'm going to do if I'm offered a position. But then again, if they ask for an updated resume, they will find out anyway. Or should I just not mention it? I don't really know what is right/ok to do. I don't want to ignore this opportunity because I'm afraid I will regret it later. At least, even if I don't get the job, I'll know that I tried. What would you do? Should I even worry? Thank you for reading this novel of a post!
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  3. by   LovelyOverload
    Don't work yourself up. You applied for that job before you got the LTC. What are the odds of them asking you about a job they aren't even aware of? Don't even mention it!
  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    If they even ask...Be honest. Tell them what you said. That you took the job because you needed money after applying to many hospital jobs. That if they gave you this job, a hospital job, there is no doubt in your mind you will stick around. Take the job and leave the SNF off your resume
  5. by   blash987
    Thank you guys! After a full night sleep, I feel better. Thank you for your advice. I've decided to take it on after all. Like HeartsOpenWide said, I'll just be honest. If my honesty is what causes me to not get the job, oh well. If it doesn't come up on the conversation, I won't even say anything. Really, thank you! Though it was obvious what I should really do, I felt that I needed a little more push to increase my confidence a bit
  6. by   TRR8021
    Yes, I would be upfront about the LTC job. As nurses, it's important to always be honest and I think the potential employer would appreciate that more. It may even come up in a background check. You never know. Besides, people change jobs all the time for various reasons. As long as you give your current employer notice and stay in good standing, I don't see what's wrong with that. Best of luck with your interview!