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  1. LovelyOverload

    Leaving ICU for PACU

    How did this transition work out for you? I'm leaving adult ICU for Peds PACU.
  2. LovelyOverload

    Quitting job during orientation?

    See if you could work PT or PRN after orientation then in 6 months get a transfer into L&D. That's kind of a backdoor into L&D.
  3. LovelyOverload

    What do you think?

    From what I gather you had 5 jobs in two years and are getting ready to apply to a new job and want to know if you should list the job you got fired from on you application? I would first before applying figure out what exactly you want to do (job wise) while your in NP school. Research the hospitals you are applying to. Make sure its actually a good place to work at. Also think about what you can do to be the best nurse you possibly can so that you don't end up unhappy or fired. Sometimes you will encounter lazy aides but I'fe found that aides are usually more motivated and respect you more when they see you do somethings to help them out (like turning pts) because at the end of the day its really your responsibility to make sure the patient it taken care of. I'm not saying you don't but giving examples. 5 jobs in two years does seem a little sketchy. If you omit your job it could likely come back to bit you in the tush.. Like you said Home health may be a better fit for you. you can even work PT and make a lot of money and have plenty of study time. Just be honest on you app.
  4. LovelyOverload

    Did you choose nursing because it was your "calling"?

    I guess you could call it a calling. I decided I wanted to be nurse in high school because I wanted to take care of babies. I had no idea what exactly a nurse did but I knew I wanted to be one. LOL. I don't regret. I do wish I would have become one sooner.
  5. LovelyOverload

    How to give 2 week notice

    I place a hard copy underneath door or in her inbox and email the exact same copy to her and cc HR just to cover yourself.
  6. LovelyOverload

    Quitting my 1st RN job

    If you don't have anything positive to say then don't comment. You all are taking this to a place it doesn't need to go. I haven't seen immaturity like this since middle school. OP Do yourself a favor and don't engage. I wish you the best of luck!
  7. LovelyOverload

    Quitting my 1st RN job

    So much immaturity from "seasoned" nurses.
  8. LovelyOverload

    Quitting my 1st RN job

    I just don't see a reason to get so bothered. Lol Its just the internet! I'd rather encourage my fellow nurses. But hey that just me and my 2 cents. Happy Thanksgiving y'all! :)
  9. LovelyOverload

    No call no show, and feeling terrible about it!

    Don't feel bad. Email is not the best way to communicate a schedule change. Talk to your manager and tell them what happened. Schedule changes should be made in person or on the phone. I go WEEKS without checking my email.
  10. LovelyOverload

    did any of you share your first job offer on Facebook?

    I don't post anything about my employer. EVER. LOL Just for that very reason another poster mention. Employers have paid Facebook patrol. I don't even have my real name and I don't like to add co workers. Some of them can be to noisy! And you never know what they may run and tell you manager about what you post.. I think it may be safer to post you got job offer in specialty. I wouldn't post with whom yu received a offer from. But that's just me.
  11. LovelyOverload

    Quitting my 1st RN job

    WOW! I can see why they say nursing eats their young. As the other poster mentioned you're crabs in a barrel. The OP asked what time she should APPLY and is being met with such negativity. And indirectly being called incompetent. All this from the "Seasoned nurses". So saddening. We should be uplifting one another. If you don't agree with her decision to work PRN there and FT in Peds then that's very much ok. Please just don't be so nasty about it. Its not a crime to get a new job. Rhetorical question. If she was able to get a job offer with then amount of time spent at her current job wouldn't that mean the length of time spent there is not a issue for the new employer? At that point what does it matter? OP if you want to change jobs go ahead. You said that Peds is where you want to be so go for it. I'm assuming you won't be "job hopping" when you get a peds position. I Love Peds! Best decision I've ever made. I worked adults and it was not my cup of tea. Its purposeless to stay at a job 2-3 years just for show. Eventually you're end of miserable. It doesn't matter if you are in a good place or not. Breathe guys!
  12. LovelyOverload

    Murray State College in Oklahoma?

    Did you find any information out about this college?
  13. LovelyOverload

    Rose State College Spring 2014

    Yes, I understand that. but if you take those classes, struggle and don't make good grades then your gpa will go down and you will have even less points. That's tricky!! I have taken them. And I wouldn't dare take them together. Maybe you can take A&P online this Summer and micro in the Fall.
  14. LovelyOverload

    Rose State College Spring 2014

    Depending on your instructor its not terribly hard. I wouldn't advise anybody to take them together.
  15. LovelyOverload

    What is your current LPN salary

    LTAC $21 and $18.25 in LTC.. OKC No previous nursing experience.