Westchester medical center interview

  1. Hi everyone! I recently interviewed at westchester medical center with HR and with a nurse manager. I interviewed almost 2 weeks ago and haven't heard back yet. I was wondering if anyone else has interviewed recently and heard anything? Or if someone's been in a similar situation at this hospital and about how long it took to hear back? Any information would help really
    thank you!
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  3. by   KatTheRN
    I interviewed with HR as well as nurse managers on two different floors almost three weeks ago. I havent heard back either as well. From what I can understand they have a long process at WMC. Im just trying to be patient!!
  4. by   Newnurse2345
    Yes I was told by many people that the process can be long! HR told me in my interview that she was looking at a September 5th start date (I assume this is for the hospital orientation) so I hope we'll hear soon! KatTheRN, what floors did you interview for if you don't mind sharing?
  5. by   KatTheRN
    I interviewed for NICU and Labor & Delivery! I emailed my nurse recruitor last week to follow up but she hasnt responded (which is very unlike her), Im hoping she's not on vacation and is just really busy!
  6. by   Newnurse2345
    I interviewed for labor and delivery as well! I interviewed 3 weeks ago too. I emailed the nurse recruiter a few times since my interview (since she told me I'd hear in a week). I got a reply last Thursday that she was waiting for the Director of Nursing to confirm and that I should get a call once it has been confirmed. I wasn't given a timeline of when I should expect a phone call tho
  7. by   KatTheRN
    ekkk! hopefully we find out soon! The suspense is what is killing me, I just wanna know if its a yes or a no at this point! lol
  8. by   Newnurse2345
    I know what you mean! The waiting is definitely the worst. Is it your top choice???
  9. by   KatTheRN
    NICU is my top choice actually! But I want to know what the answer is before applying to other places. I may contact the nurse recruitor again. I dont want to come off as pushy though The last contact I had with her was 7/21
  10. by   Newnurse2345
    I know what you mean. Its where I really want to work so I didn't want to start interviewing at other hospitals because I didn't want them to wait on me for an answer. I would reach out! I reached out on 8/2 to follow up and see if any decisions were made and got a response on 8/3. I'm hoping we'll hear soon!
  11. by   KatTheRN
    I really hope so!! Let me know when you hear anything!
  12. by   Newnurse2345
    I will! Hopefully this week is the week
  13. by   newgradnurse111
    Hey! I was wondering how long did it take you guys to hear from Westchester Medical Center for an interview?
  14. by   Newnurse2345
    I emailed them twice over the period of a month and got invited to the open house they had in June. After the open house they asked me to come in for an interview about 2 weeks after.