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Hi guys! I'm wondering who is preparing for their TEAS exam next week?? ?

Hey! I’m taking it this Friday. I’m nervous ?

20 hours ago, Kpc said:

Hey! I’m taking it this Friday. I’m nervous ?

Me too!! I'm nervous as well. I hope we do good!

Hey! How did you do on the exam? I scored a 70 ?

Does anyone know when we will hear?

Hey everyone! I know this post hasn’t been used in about a month but it’s the most recent wcc thread I can find. I was just wondering if someone could give me some insight. I took the teas for an lpn program last month because I was really worried about not getting into the wcc program on my first try for fall 2020. I scored an 83. I did get into the lpn program but now I’m wondering if this score would get me into the wcc program and if i should just go straight for that instead. I’m sorry to ask but can anyone please let me know if they’ve gotten accepted to wcc with this score? Thank you so much


You have to take the TEAS exam at WCC directly for either program.

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