No job offer post internship

  1. So my question is.. Do I tell my next employer about my internship or not?

    This is a summary of what happened...
    I was hired at a level 1 trauma hospital in the emergency department with no prior medical experience and just got my RN license in May. As of yesterday 9/20/17, I was let go and told I would not be offered a position (in the internship you're not yet an employee of the hospital and get a stipend pay and no benefits). My manager basically told me that I just wasn't keeping up with the other interns and he assumed I wouldn't be ready to fly solo in 3 more weeks so he quit on me. I was switched preceptors 3 times because they were short staffed and the other interns had been in that hospital before as a paramedic or tech. Yeah, I feel disappointed in myself but my biggest concern is my question stated above because I need to start applying again.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Since you were not an employee, if you think you can not be helped by listing the experience on your resume, then, leave it off. But most people would think that listing the experience would be beneficial. You only have to state the internship ended; chances are that there won't be any inquiry as to the reasons why your internship, as opposed to the usual internship, ended.
  4. by   Male2017RN
    In most cases, people get hired on after the internship. I'm afraid they won't want me because the ER didn't want me for some reason. "Why would we want you if they didn't want you for whatever reason"
  5. by   13grad71
    Going to a specialty/critical care unit as a new grad is always fraught with risk. The learning curve is simply too steep. Before I started working in the ER I was a floor RN doing Med Surg, Telemetry and DOU. Even with that experience I found the transition to the ER challenging. The pace was simply insane. We have had new grads on our ER but the failure rate for them was high. I would highly suggest working the floor first to get your nursing experience and to learn time management. The ER is simply too emergent for new RN. The floor has the stability to nurture new RNs