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  1. I just got offered a part time job (60 hours every 2 weeks) in the ER yesterday. I called HR back today and pretty much told them I would love the job but I would have to talk to my DON tomorrow to put my 2 week notice in and then I would call her back and tell her my last day. She said I would either start on the 23rd of October or November 6th. But my problem is Monday I had a job interview for full time telemetry and I called them today and told them about my job offer. She said Friday after 1 they would know for sure because she has 2 more interviews and obviously can't guarentee me the job right now which I understood. Both are through the same hospital so it would be the same HR lady calling me and offering me the telemetry job if i got it. So when I figure out my last day and call the HR tomorrow should i mention to her about the telemetry job and see if I can wait to see if I get that or should i just forget about it and stick with the ER job. I absolutely love the ER and I'm surprised I got the job because I'm a new RN (3 months) worked as an LPN for 3months before then so not that much experience but its part time and I'm nervous with no ER experience except clinicals they would eat me alive. I love telemetry too and thats full time and I would so much experience there before moving eventually to the ER. So professionally what should I do? Ask if they can wait till Friday or just stick with ER???
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  3. by   Hoozdo
    If I understand your post, the HR lady represents both jobs. Just ask her.
  4. by   agldragonRN
    make sure the offer is in writing before quitting your job now.
  5. by   jbo24
    The job im at right now is also through the same hospital so I know that if i put my 2 weeks in I will still have the job offer for the ER. I just thought about calling HR before putting my 2 weeks in and asking her if they can wait but I don't want to give the wrong impression that I absolutely don't want the ER job. I just want to see if I have the chance at the telemetry job since its set full-time hours. and yes it is the same lady but when I called her today and told her I had to obviously put in my 2 weeks and I would call her tomorrow she just seemed to busy to answer any questions at that time.
  6. by   beast master RN
    sounds like a pickle

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