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Hi Fellow Nurses out there in cyberspace- Need your help! Please put your minds together & brainstorm some great employment opportunities that are out there for me that maybe I just don't know about.... Read More

  1. by   lweave2
    Hi 08RNGrad- Thank you for your reply. truly appreciate all your feedback. Can you refer me to anyone working in research? Have you worked in research in some capacity? Where would you begin this searching adventure? Do you know of any contracting agencies I could look up? I live in the Atlanta, GA. area. What would you do if you were me?
    Thanks for helping me!-Lisa
  2. by   lweave2
    Hi Kat_everdeen- Thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate all your help! How do I research these type of companies that hire employees to review car insurance claims? What is this type of position called? What about big car insurance companies? Do they hire these type employees? Did you hate this job? Can you refer me to any nurses who worked with you at this company? Aren't these nurses certified in Disability insurance? If you were me what would you do to research this area of nursing? Thanks Again!- Lisa
  3. by   mdgale
    I worked as an MDS Coordinator and LOVED it. I was able to take medical aillments and assign payment to them. I gained a lot of experience navigating through a medical record. I got to make more or less money for my facility by moving a date back and forth. It was like CSI for me :-)
  4. by   kcmylorn
    Clinical research makes the most money. CRA's and CRC's- make at least $91,000( $45.00/hr) in my area.

    Not the case with bedside nursing- try 20-30,000 less.

    Call center nurses( like the one describe above- medical call center for a pharama) make even less than bedside nurses- $20.00/hr. I went on one of those interviews, after driving 1 hr and 20 min for a $20.00/hr job. I deliberately flunked the typing test, no way am I workihng for $20.00/hr. Those smiling nurses in the add, must live right around the corner and have a husband to support them.

    Insurance companies: I went on interviews with each one of them: the major companies- BCBS- worse pay- approx.$25.00/hr, Aetna- second worse- maybe $, UHC- not much better- $30.00/hr. They don't pay that great either for case managment and UM. The clinical directors in these companies may make good money but one has to have 10-15yr experience at the beside plus- their key word is " proven" leadership in the insurance industry/ project management/ supervisor. Entry level in the insurance company makes the low end(30.00/hr and it depends on the region you live in/ google them and look up the rates on the career page) of bedside nurse. The insurance companies want bedside experience and most want some kind of previous insurance company experience.

    Public Health- really poor pay for a whole lot of education, alot of positions in Public health calls for a Master's either an MSN or a MPH and don't pay diddly- less than hospital bedside. That's a crime with that much education.

    Forgot: the $90,000 research jobs- want experience in research. The best I can figure on how to get that- was the nurses who work ing the doctors office who is doing the research are trained in the clinical trial process. To work in these doctor's off usually is bedside nursing in a hospital first- that how they hook up with the doc. Example: working an oncology unit, the oncologist does clinical trials in the offices, the nurse gets a position as an office nurse from working with the doc on the floor. The office nurse is trained by the docotor's office or the pharma company on the proceedure for doing the clinical trials. From the job exzperience in the docotor's office, the nurse applies to the pharma company for a pharma company for CRA or CRC position. It's not an overnight progression-it usually takes years. The key is experience-
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  5. by   Piglet08
    Find a career counselor. Not a shill for a private college that wants to sign you up. I mean, someone who can discuss your background and interests with you and help you consider options. There might be something you haven't heard of and we haven't thought of that will work for you.
  6. by   lweave2
    Great idea Piglet08!-Thank you!