Feeling like being strung along. help

  1. what do i do? i have been interviewed on the spot when I came in to apply. I was told I came in a little late since new hires were in already but was asked to call and follow up on a certain date. SO i did, and was asked again to call next week since my application has to be approved yet with the admin. That day came and I did called again for like thrice ( on the specific time the DON told me that she was free) but have no luck. they said she was out on a meeting, out for lunch, and was busy so i should call later. Im so upset. If they dont need me then why do they have to do this to me? This job search makes me feel sick. I dont know if i can handle another rejection. And this whole calling thing, I dont even know if i should still push through with it.. can you PLEASE help me guys?
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  3. by   bebbercorn
    Hang in there. I've been looking for months and months, working in retail and ANY per diem that I can get. The so-called "nursing shortage" is apparently being handled by understaffing, replacing RN's in offices with med assistants (cheaper), and the recruiters just don't care about your plight. Keep your head up, send out your resumes, keep taking CE's and you'll find something, I hope!
  4. by   AnnemRN
    Here's the bad news, the supposed nursing shortage is over rated. The colleges in my area are mass producing nurses who can't find work because there are not enough positions out there. In fact, one article stated 70% of the new grads can't find a job one year after graduating.

    I would apply for as many nursing positions as you can within a reasonable driving distance. Also, please don't take being strung along personally, it's not you. It is the environment we are in right now, employers have so many applicants they don't really look at you as a person, you're just a number to them.

    Many employers don't care about you even after you're hired because they feel you're easily replaced. I worked long hours, poor working conditions at a hospice facility where the DON stated at staff meetings " if you don't like it here, there are 10 people out there waiting to get your job." Yes, that was an inpatient hospice facility which is supposed to be all about caring for people. It's hard to project a lot of caring when you are being treated like crap.
  5. by   BSNbeauty
    I know how you feel. One time I was supposed to interview for my dream job and well I got the interview but it took hell to get there. My interview was cancelled 2 times, after I finally interviewed they decided not to hire me. I was strung along for about a month. Sad. What I learned is that employers are quick to say yes and slow to say no. However, there is an exception to the rule.
    I would continue to follow up and keep applying elsewhere.
  6. by   gloryfied
    God will bring you to the right Job. Wait for your time. Dont force or rush things. Just patiently and humbly search for a job. I have learned that when you burn for desperation, you will end up regretting what you got or not being happy. I wish you the best. Keep applying, and the right employer will notice you.
  7. by   scarlet14
    Thank you for all the support fellow nurses. I'm enlightened and maybe I wasnt really being strung along. I will just keep on trying. Thanks.
  8. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I do much of the interviewing and hiring for my facility. Sometimes I make an appointment to meet with someone, but then the you know what hits the fan. We have a crisis and unfortunately, the interview is either ushed to the back burner or forgotten. I wouldn't take it personally if I were you.