Loma Linda Children's RN Residency September 2018 - page 4

Hi! This is a thread for those applying to Loma Linda Children's RN Residency program starting in September 2018! Application open April 24-27! I'm planning on applying to the CTICU :)... Read More

  1. by   beaRdowN2k18
    PICU had initial group interviews and said they'll be contacting people from there for the individual interviews. They said all the units have until around I believe July 11th to make a decision, so I would not worry too much. It's been over a month now though, so I wouldn't say it's too early to call.
  2. by   janelle94
    I spoke to the director of the residency program and she told me that all units have until mid July to finalize and that they will not know who has made calls or not till the candidates are chosen and sent in. But she told me she believes nicu has not made there calls yet. Hope that helps!
  3. by   hopefulpedsnurse
    has anyone heard about job offers for the PICU?
  4. by   beaRdowN2k18
    I never heard back from the PICU after the group interview. Do you know if they had the individual interviews already?
  5. by   hopefulpedsnurse
    yea, they were tuesday and thursday
  6. by   happyhearthappylife
    UPDATE: Program starts August 30!!! Not September... oops. Close enough.