Loma Linda Children's RN Residency September 2018

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Hi! This is a thread for those applying to Loma Linda Children's RN Residency program starting in September 2018!

Application open April 24-27!

I'm planning on applying to the CTICU :)

Hello! I am also planning on applying to the Loma Linda Children's RN Residency. I am excited for applications to open tomorrow:)

Applied to PICU :)

good luck everyone!

Hi everyone!

I applied to Acute Care (ED) : )

Applications are officially closed. My application page says I have two new updates, and a second "Graduate Nurse" position appeared on my application page with a different requisition number today. Anyone else experiencing the same? Maybe they are already going through applications? I know it is so early to tell..... but I hate the waiting part!

Same. I have a second position with a different requisite number. Both are "Graduate Nurse" positions. I hope that's a good sign!

Yay! I really hope this means things are moving! They posted the hiring timeline and it says HR will be reviewing them until May 11th! Hopefully around that time we will all be receiving emails that our applications will be forwarded to the hiring managers:) Praying for us all!

Update: got an email today saying my app was forwarded to the hiring managers. Fingers crossed they'll call for an interview soon!

Congrats! I'm sure you will :) my application updated for a third time but I did not receive an email today :( I hope I'm still in the running!

Keep the faith! The website says HR takes till the 11th to process the applications. There is still time to get an email :)

Got my email today saying my application has been forwarded to the appropriate manager :) definitely was losing hope but you guys are right and we've got to keep the faith. I've applied to CHLA, UCLA, and Rady's and never received a call or interview. Praying this is my big break í ½í¹í ¼í¿¼â¤ï¸

Hi! Has anyone received "forwarded to hiring manager" email for NICU?

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