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Hello! Just reaching out to see if anyone has heard back from Loma Linda University Medical Center for their new grad residency program starting in January? The website states interviews will be October/November so just wanted to see where everyone stands. My application status has not changed since I submitted my application ☹️

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I also applied for the January 2022 cohort. My app changed to under review on October 14th and was invited for an interview tomorrow morning with ED. 

I was pleased to get the call last week about Interviewing with the ED. It has been my dream to become a Trauma ER Nurse. Especially at a level 1 trauma center and magnet level nursing facility. 

Goodluck to us both in the hiring process,



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My app changed to under review on Oct 7th and had my interview with Medical ICU last Tuesday 11/9 and got an offer today via phone. They said they are hiring only 4 people for MICU

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My interview went well yesterday. ?Panel interview with 6 department staff. 
Hopefully I hear back soon. 


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I had an interview last Tuesday 11/09, and I’m still waiting to hear back. I don’t think my interview went that well, it seemed like one of my interviewers was a little underprepared and came in late, so I feel like that put me at a disadvantage in their eyes. Hoping for the best though, I’m really hoping to get it! ?Good luck to everyone! 

Hi everyone! I had an interview last Thursday and was offered the job at the end of the interview and accepted ☺️ I spoke with the manager again today and she said written offers from HR should be coming within the next week or two (Thanksgiving might delay). I’m hoping the best for everyone who interviewed and can’t wait to hear where everyone gets offers!! 

I interviewed with step-down in Murrieta and I felt like the interview went great. I sent a thank you letter today, but other than that have not heard back.

Has anyone applied in Murrieta?

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Has anyone gotten rejection emails? I'm not feeling too good about my status and I just want to know if they're not considering me anymore already ?

Mine hasn't been updated since Oct 20 - even though I interviewed on Thursday so I would not read to much into silence. I think we will hear back after thanksgiving- depending on the unit.


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Hi! I interviewed November 17th and got called the next day telling me I got the job! Good luck everyone!

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I interviewed November 19th and gladly accepted  an offer to work in the Emergency Department!!

soo excited!

Goodluck to everyone! 


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4 hours ago, Newgradrn21 said:

Hi! I interviewed November 17th and got called the next day telling me I got the job! Good luck everyone!

Hello, what department did you get?

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