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  1. @kkvalenz thank you! I have an interview with the WLA one next week, but I am thinking of canceling. I feel like it will take a while to be brought on as a benefited new grad, and I might be better off at a traditional new grad with benefits... ...
  2. newnursewhodiis

    Regretting night shift

    I think you should make a list to help identify what’s bothering you. The Unit? Not having enough day light? Vitamin d deficiency which is common for night shift workers?
  3. newnursewhodiis

    LLU Murrieta vs Arrowhead Regional?

    Hi friends! Looking for some advice as I recently graduated and I have two offers for grad RN programs. I am torn on which to pick: LLU Murrieta PCU days, or Arrowhead ICU shift unknown until I get a preceptor. Both are close to the same for the hour...
  4. newnursewhodiis

    Loma Linda New Grad RN Adult Residency 01/2022

    Mine hasn't been updated since Oct 20 - even though I interviewed on Thursday so I would not read to much into silence. I think we will hear back after thanksgiving- depending on the unit.
  5. newnursewhodiis

    Providence TIP January 2022 (Los Angeles/Orange County)

    @kc123 thank you for the reply- that is encouraging. I know some places have you wait 6 months or so for reapplying. Congratulations on the offer ❤️
  6. newnursewhodiis

    Providence TIP January 2022 (Los Angeles/Orange County)

    @kc123 congratulations! did they let you do the entire process all over again when you reapplied? Did you interview with the hiring managers prior times?
  7. newnursewhodiis

    Providence TIP January 2022 (Los Angeles/Orange County)

    For those who haven't heard back- I too have not. I interviewed last Monday, and though I know I royally messed up the case study (I did not prepare for it so its 100% my fault), I just wanted those who might feel similar to me be reminded that ...
  8. Is it common to go into a new grad program, with a contract, and not know what shift you will be working? Or is this a red flag?
  9. Hi has anyone decided to start the StaRN program in November 2021?