CHOC RN Residency Feb 2019

  1. Hi everyone! CHOC apps opened recently and I just wanted to created this thread so we can keep each other updated. Good luck everyone!!
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  3. by   erikamar
    Hello Everyone, good luck to everyone applying!
    I was just wondering if anyone is submitting a cover letter? It did not specify that we needed one, nor was there a spot to upload one but just want to make sure before I submit my application.
  4. by   hopefulnew
    I wasn't sure either but I ended up not submitting one for the same reasons you listed.
  5. by   Jay816
    I did not submit one either since there was no spot for it. In the past people have updated their profiles and have been able to submit their cover letters there but I do not have that option either... anyone else having this problem? BTW i applied to the Medical Unit. Good luck everyone!
  6. by   surfergirl166
    Hi everyone! I applied to the NICU Monday night and did not upload a cover letter. I got an email this morning to participate in the on demand video interview. Anyone else heard back?
  7. by   hopefulnew
    I got the email too! Anyone have any advice for it?
  8. by   surfergirl166
    It's all behavioral questions
  9. by   ladouler
    do you guys know how many spots they have for each and when we will hear back?
  10. by   classypotato
    Does everyone who applied get invited to complete the On Demand Video Interview?
  11. by   nasjon20
    I applied to post surgical and finished my ondemand interview a few days ago. Good luck to everyone. does anyone have an idea of when there scheduling interviews?
  12. by   RnCristine
    Just finished the on demand interview for the NICU. Does everyone usually get invited for this?
  13. by   nasjon20
    1-3 spots I'm thinking like other nurse residencies
  14. by   rn2018_
    Hi guys, this may be a stupid question but what happens if your ondemand interview time has expired and you weren't able to submit it on time? Anybody know who to contact? HELP