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  1. Hello, just wondering if anyone has heard back from any Providence locations? I applied to Little Company of Mary and Santa Monica Medical Surgical and Pediatrics
  2. erikamar

    CHOC RN Residency Feb 2019

    I applied to the Medical Unit and have not heard back yet Has anyone heard back from that unit? Also, did we get notified through email, or do we get a call?
  3. Hello Everyone, has anyone heard back from Little Company of Mary Pediatrics/Med Surg or Providence Santa Monica Pediatrics/Med Surg?
  4. erikamar

    CHOC RN Residency Feb 2019

    Hello Everyone, good luck to everyone applying! I was just wondering if anyone is submitting a cover letter? It did not specify that we needed one, nor was there a spot to upload one but just want to make sure before I submit my application.