better to apply for all open positions or be selective?

  1. When you are applying for new grad positions, should you only apply in the specific units that interest you nor just saturate the hospital with your applications? I've heard that HR sees your name pop up a lot & they then pass it on. I've also been told it hurts you to apply for OR, L&D, ED & PEDs, etc.

    How about walking the floors to meet managers? I've heard conflicting things from good idea/way to make contacts to horrible idea/managers yelling at you. Thoughts?
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  3. by   MochaRN424
    Dear MichG:

    I believe in applying to areas of strength and interest. The area most people don't run to are the Med/Surg units. I would not say that it hurts you to apply to the areas you listed above. Its more of a thing where those are areas of high interest so its going to be very competitive to get an interview.

    I have heard conflicting thoughts about going up on the floor also. Some have said that they dropped off a resume but now since things are done electronically I am not so sure if that would be best because managers are so busy they are looking for HR to send them the best candidates. My hearts desire is to work in the NICU but that has not happened as of yet. I have had two positions since I passed boards in 2007 which is Womens Surgical Oncology and MIU. Close but not my goal. I

    would suggest that you look within yourself and see what your interests are besides what you have listed above. Apply to as many positions that you know that you are able to do even if its not your first choice. Make sure you tailor your resume to reflect the position you are applying for. You don't want your resume to be generic to the point that the computer or HR representative tosses your resume because it shows it being repetitive...meaning oh this person is just applying and they don't really care where they work.

    If you are too picky you may be cancelling yourself out from a possible great starting opportunity. I wish you the best hope this has helped. Take Care~
  4. by   ClassyChristina
    Honestly it all depends on whether or not the nurse manager has told the nurse recruiter to call new grads or not. You have no idea of knowing what floors are going to be more open to you... so you just apply to whatever you have a passion for! I am sure the right job will find you.
  5. by   serenitylove14
    I have applied to every open postion except for burn, I do not like burn at all!!, and after 200+ applications I have gotten 3 interviews. All of them were for med-surg but hey those are interviews! I have been asked why I have applied to so many different positions. I tell them that I as a new grad didnt have a set speciality I wanted to go into when I graduated and I would excel in any speciality that I work in.