Accepted a job but having second thoughts???

  1. I am in a dilemma and was hoping to hear some opinions. I just graduated with my BSN and received my RN license. I did some job searching and after networking with someone at hospital A, I was given an interview on a Monday. After scheduling this interview, I was called by hospital B for an interview on Tuesday. Hospital A was looking for a night shift nurse and Hospital B was looking for day shift. Hospital A wanted to schedule another interview and said it would follow up in a week or so. Hospital B called me the day after (Wednesday) with a job offer. I spent the day thinking about it and after deciding since it was closer and I had still not received a call back from Hospital A, that I would accept the position. I have not signed anything yet. Five days after my initial interview with Hospital A, they call me in for a second one. This interview is on Monday. Although this does not guarantee a job, I am questioning accepting the other job so quickly. The only thing that is making me waver is when a friend of mine mentioned differential for night shift. Am I crazy for this? I accepted the second interview, which is a Monday, which is also the day the HR person in charge of my hiring comes back from vacation. Thoughts???
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  3. by   Miss.LeoRN
    In one hand, you have secured a job at Hospital B. On the other hand, you may possibly have a job at Hospital A, that may or may not give you differential pay if you get a job.

    I suppose it depends on how much you're wanting a job right now, and if you can afford to lose the one you now have with Hospital B. How important is the extra pay in diff. vs having a job? Are you certain you're bound to get Job A? If they decide you don't fit then Job B won't take you back. Are you certain they offer differential pay? (most facilities in my area have done away with it).

    All that said. You can still go on the other interview. Just because you were hired at Job B, doesn't mean you still can't entertain Job A and see what they offer. I just wouldn't go as far as dropping Job B until you have an offer from Job A, to which then you can really sit and decide the pro/cons of. Also, I wouldn't tell either your interviewing or considering anywhere else.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I would emphasize the last two sentences of Miss.Leo's post. Don't drop Job B until you have an offer from Job A and don't tell either that you are interviewing and considering anywhere else. Go on the second interview, compare if given an offer, then go with the better situation.
  5. by   ElainewithanE
    I'd suggest making a pros and cons list for each position, value each option in your list with a number, and see what the total "value" of Job A and Job B are based on how much you value the pros or how much of a "Absolutely Not!" the con is. This may help you make a more objective decision based on your own needs out of a job/career and whether these positions align with your values. Do you mind the social impact a night-shift job will take? Do you care that you'll be on a different schedule than your friends, family, and significant other? And so on and so on.

    Most importantly: If you have not signed yet, you are not legally bound to work for B. Yet. Do not sign until you know for sure that you 1. did not get the job with Employer A, and 2. you are willing to work at Job B despite other opportunities. In my opinion, it would be in poor taste and show disrespect to Employer B if you were to actually sign the job acceptance letter and then switch over almost immediately to Job A, assuming that all goes well with Employer A. Employer B spent resources and time interviewing you and preparing their units for someone who they thought would be a great fit for the position and could support their patients and work with their teams. Just something to think about. Good luck!