The use of video cameras...

  1. I posted this question in the geriatric nursing forum, but to get a better response, I'll post it here also.

    Do you think video cameras should be utilized in all residents rooms in all nursing homes as an added security measure?

    I, myself wouldn't have a problem with it except that it would infringe on the residents right to privacy. It would eliminate pt abuse, cut down on thievery, and hopefully increase the quality of resident care. What's your opinion?
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  3. by   nursy_ann
    I don't like that is against the patient's privacy law. We canT' do that except if you got a paper sign by the patient giving you the right to do it.
  4. by   Harleyhead
    this law will soon be implemented in fla .
  5. by   Dplear
    I personally refuse to give my permission to be video taped when a family brings in one to the hospital. What ever happened to MY right to privacy? The only time I believe in videotaping the care in in pediatrics and suspected Munchausens or abuse video EEG studies fall under a different catagory all together.

  6. by   All41
    It might be advantageous to have an informed consent at the admission with patient/family/responsible party that video equipment may be used as an investigating tool should the need arise. Staff should never be informed of taping but should be aware that they could be taped at any time. If this is part of the hiring agreement and a potential employee accepts, I see no problem. Everyone is informed, the staff can rest assured that they will not be suspected in the event of a theft (if they are innocent), the family should be happy knowing that they will have a solution and name in the event of injury or theft. I would gladly sign an agreement to be filmed without my knowledge as needed to investigate and identify transgressors. I would have nothing to hide and I would not have anything to fear. Used properly and within accepted guidelines there should be no problem. Just my opinion.
  7. by   ChristyM

    Video cameras were recently installed on the psych unit I work on.
    There are cameras everywhere!!! They are not in patient rooms but are directly across from all doors leading into the pt. rooms so they do record some activity in pt rooms. When they were first installed I didn't like the idea thinking the pt rights were being infringed upon (not to mention I was uncomfortable being "watched") My thoughts have now completely changed.
    A patient recently made some untrue allegations and some employees reputations (not to mention their jobs) were threatened. The cameras proved their innocence and saved the reputation of the employees and the hospital. Today I am grateful
    that we are all (pt. and staff) under the watchful eye of "the cameras"
  8. by   GreytNurse
    This is such a 2 sided thing. On one hand I know it would help provide the 'added' security for the patient, as well as the caregiver (being falsely accused), but on the other hand, you would feel like 'big brother' was everywhere.
    I would not object, as a healthcare provider, but I would want to be advised beforehand. I've never worked where there was 'active pt. abuse' going on.....I'm glad too.
    As a patient, I would want the added security, but I would'nt want my 'pride' showing, if you know what I mean:chuckle

    This is also a cost issue and alot of smaller facilities wouldn't be able to handle it. Some of them are having trouble meeting cost already, but if it is passed by each state, they'll have to comply.

    Like you stated, if it was acknowledged prior to employment, I really think the caregivers would 'make sure they were doing their job and doing it right'. I think it would help with productivity, but facilities would have to 'shell out more $$' just to keep people working in those conditions.
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    In labor and delivery there are cameras everywhere. I personally prefer to remain out of pics but will accomodate if a family insists that I be part of their birth experience. This is a difficult issue when it comes to privacy since safety is also tantemount....Difficult call because it DOES seem as though there are cameras or some form of surveillance everywhere. I hate the idea of locators too..I think that is invasive to the nurses in a facility and does little to no good in improving pt care or response time...