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trying to formulate a policy for those RNs who call out b/c they just don't feel good, or have child care issues. do your managers/charge RNs/clinical coordinators just tell them, "OK!" or do they... Read More

  1. by   Darchild77
    We earn 1 sick day for every month that we work. After 3 consec call offs, we need a Doc's excuse. We have a problem with the night shift nurses calling in alot- most for mental health days, because night shift is the scapegoat. The morale just gets lower and lower
  2. by   nekhismom
    I need a mental health day!!! NOW!!! TONIGHT!!!

    Nights are killing my brain. I stay disoriented. The only reason I'm coherent tonight is because I'm off tonight! I go back tomorrow for 3 12's, then I'm either off for six or outta there for good, depending on whether or not the NM is accepting my early resignation! WOO HOO! I can't wait to move!
  3. by   kimmicoobug
    I wish my hospital had some sort of policy for nurses calling off. I work med-surg, and one nurse in particular has been calling off every other weekend. She only works weekends. It is not addressed, because she is a charge nurse. Yeah, that can lower my morale because when one of the staff nurses calls in, that nurse is replaced with a float my night is usually hell, as I get more higher acuity patients to accomodate the float.
  4. by   tavalon
    I think a fair policy would be the same policy that is implemented for physicians. They are professionals and we as RNs are professionals so we should have the same policies. What, you say the physicians don't have any policy around sick call ins? hmmmmmmmmmm
  5. by   veteranRN
    I sat in a unit meeting not too long ago where the ADON said "If your throwing up or you have diarrhea, we have plenty of bathrooms here!" Well, that is really being compassionate or advocating for the resident, don't you think. One time I called in from a hospital bed when I was pregnant and bleeding and I was told to find my own replacement :angryfire .
  6. by   purplemania
    while it is true we are talking about adults who SHOULD be responsible, you have to set parameters in order to discipline without prejudice.
  7. by   newfloridaRN
    I work with people who are continual call off-ers. I dont understand it. I've worked at my facility for a year and a half, and have only called off ONCE (and I called off the day before, when I was in a car accident.) I just simply don't get it. You can work with the sniffles, you can work with a stiff neck, people... Get over it! I understand calling off for legitimate reasons, but if you woke up and were sniffling, that does not justify calling off. Sorry, just my 2 cents.
  8. by   missmercy
    Call outs are frustrating across the board -- from floor nurse, to CNA, to managers to schedulers!! It burns me up to hear the CNAs saying that they have to abide by different standards than any other staff member!! HOw unfair!!:angryfire We are all on the same team -- working toward the same goal!!

    Most frequently, those I work with will understand if a colleague has to call in, leave early or come in late. We all have families, lives and are human! We all know what a drag it is to work short handed and none of us want to put our co-workrs in that position. So, if we call in -- we need to!! We try to cover for each other as much as we can and try to be patient and understanding when someone has issues. We do have an attendance policy here -- but it is up to the manager to follow up on repeated callins, or questionable repeats. It ends up affecting your meritincrease IF it is obviously an issue. we have a "on-site day care -- a "sick bay" for staff kids, flexible scheduling.... we all try to make life work -- I am so sorry for those of you who have to work with unsympathetic management, co-workers who milk the system and judgemental administrators! Wish we could just all play nice together and make it work. (my "Pollyannaism" for the day)
  9. by   MandyInMS
    We don't have a big problem with call outs..I think the rule is sick 3 days (in a row) you need a MD excuse to return..also we get paid for sick days on our hire date after you have accumulated a certain # of hours..ex. after 240 hours anything over you get paid for on hire date...a little incentive to go to work...lol

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