Please help

  1. I need to know how to handle this. Should I just quit or should I stick it out. I was picked on a made to feel so small. My first night of orientation on the floor was hell for me. I was talked about as if I wasn't even there. It was insinuated that i was the reason people would loose hours. (ie they already had enough staff) they couldn't figure out why they had hired another NA. Please help it was everything I could do to keep from crying.I just want to do my job. I like the job too,thats what makes it so hard.
    please resond I am sceduled tonight and the way I feel I don't even want to show up
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    rhona1, please don't fell like you are not needed, first off nursing assistants are in high demand everywhere! Everywhere I have ever been there is always someone that hates to orientate others, and even makes them feel as if they are not needed, which is totally wrong, NA's are needed everywhere.
  4. by   Hardknox
    When I saw your name "Rhona" I was so afraid you were our NA but she has been with us awhile. Do not despair. YOU ARE NEEDED! Who is doing this to you? RN's or NA's. As an RN we need your help and a good NA is priceless. HOld your head high, go in and prove your worth and ignore their comments. However, if the environment is toxic to you after a week--get out and get another job where you can be happy. There are MANY openings out here. Life is too short to put up with BS! And don't even put the job you leave on your resume!
  5. by   shay
    You mean they were implying that it was a BAD thing that they had 'enough' staff??????????? Good God...send them out of utopia and into the REST of the nursing world where the sentence 'we already have enough staff' is unheard of. Sheesh.

    Blow 'em off, walk away, do your job, clock out, and go home. They sound like a bunch of old bitties to me. Man. I'm so evil that if they asked me for help, I'd probably say, 'well, since you already have enough staff, you don't need my help on this' and walk off. Not that that would HELP, but felt good to type.

    Hang in there. I agree w/hardknox....try it a week, if it stays icky, asta la vista. Some other unit will snap you up in a heartbeat, and will be glad you're there and TREAT you as such.
  6. by   MitziK
    Are they out of their minds?????? I am so sorry you were treated that way. I agree, try to stick for a week, keep your head up. "Enough staff" what kind of facility is it?
  7. by   RNIAM
    Hi just wanted to let you know that I quit the job and am focusing on school. My husband is picking up a second job to hold us over bless his heart!
    Thanks everyone for the ear.