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I am calling upon all my fellow nurses to get out and vote for our next leaders. Take a friend with you take a neigbour take a fellow nurse. Lets have a say in our future.... Read More

  1. by   lamazeteacher
    Quote from Patti 2nd gen RN
    No, her priorty is to make us into a socialist nation, and healthcare is just one example, one step on the journey..and she lives in deception...forget what she accepted in her own personal life..(an "someone" said as you can be trusted with little things, then so will you be trusted with bigger things)...she took an illegal position (which as a lawyer she had to know was illegal) when her husband was president--and she had to be forced out of it...and when she was voted to represent NY, she sold the home she bought there promptly...never lived with the people she was supposed to be representing.....
    You may not have heard about the city supervisor Chu in San Francisco who bought his house there and was prosecuted by his constituents for never appearing near the place. It was unoccupied. Hillary has lived in New York state, attended many functions there, and as many politicians before her, made that Senatorial position her "proving ground" for the bigger role as our President. I believe she has no such plans as you said, to change our way of life into a form that has been shown in Russia and other countries to be impossible. What on earth does "lives with deception" mean? Read her books with as unbiased a mind as you can muster, and then look for yourself, what proof there is of the claims made against her. :icon_roll
  2. by   lamazeteacher
    Your in-laws are probably still chewing on sour grapes for the candidate they preferred. Hillary did nothing wrong by running for Senator in New York. More New Yorkers voted for her, than anyone else, in the belief that their lives would be enhanced by her representation. It was no hidden agenda that she would be a Presidential candidate afterward. Who else should assist welfare recipients to become working tax payers, and illegal immigrants to come here legally? How can you criticise her for wanting to improve those whose untoward circumstances keep them from attaining their potential, legally?
  3. by   MAISY, RN-ER
    First, welfare recipients are predominately white in NY state and across the county. Welfare is a wonderful thing when used as it was envisioned.....hard working people down on their luck(whatever the reason).
    Secondly, if you ask the Native Americans I'd think they'd respond that we were the illegals not needed or wanted in these fine (subsequent) United States.

    Currently cheap labor no American wants draws them.(illegals), need for survival of themselves and their families keep them here...we have used the fruits of their labors, regardless of their health and well being.

    Anyone that is looking for a solution that allows them to be here, registered, and protected by laws so they won't be taken advantage of.... is long overdue. More power to the politician who identifies the business needs, workers needs and overall situation .nd offers solutions to handle it equitably.

    These people have too much to lose not coming. They will come. It's just how it is handled that makes the difference.

    Lastly, I don't believe anyone wants socalism, however, single payer healthcare may be the answer to many of the problems afflicting this country. There is nothing like working in the ER for a heads up regarding todays healthcare emergencies...reading some of these and national posts is another. How do healthcare professionals who have spent their lives working and caring for others not have healthcare? How do people pay into medical plans for years be told their (fill in the blank) condition cannot be considered for payment? How do we consider the lives of children, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters...whoever we love more or less important than others<>? That is the America we are living in....someone better fix it...someone better get new ideas....someone different.....someone who may make a difference....Vote your conscience, don't vote a party. Understand what is afflicting your neighbors and help fix it! Good health should be a right in this county , just like Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

    Perhaps it will be more equitable then.


  4. by   gt4everpn
    Avid Hillary Supporter here!! In times like these we need a stong leader that can take care of business, important issues need to be resolved, enough is enough!!

    -America has to open her eyes!!
  5. by   nurseaboveboard
    Wild horses couldn't keep me from voting! I'm an election junkie!
  6. by   RainDreamer
    Quote from gt4everpn
    In times like these we need a stong leader that can take care of business, important issues need to be resolved, enough is enough!!
    Which are exact reasons why Hillary won't get my vote

    Quote from nurseaboveboard
    Wild horses couldn't keep me from voting! I'm an election junkie!
    Same here, I love it!
  7. by   psychnurse1998
    I have always felt the number one criteria to be even considered for public office is that you are dishhonest. Having earned a little dishonest money would be a plus. Also, looking back at previous social change, it has come about from pressure put on politicians from below. Nurses being critical thinkers must ask themselves, if someone living an opulent lifestyle, might have conflilct of interests, when making choices, that could jeopardize his or hers possible investments in drug companies or other health related buisnesses. My best choice when voting...would be non of the above. Now back to my nursing