Need help with new baylor/weekend incentive policy

  1. Our hospital has recently started a baylor program (work 2 12s on the weekend and get paid for 36 hours) and we are still ironing out the kinks. Our policy is that the baylors work every weekend with an allowance for four weekends off for vacation, no more than 2 sick days/yr, and a holiday requirement of 2 extra shifts per year during the week. These would be at regular time.
    My gripe is that so many holidays normally fall on the weekend, or are celebrated on the weekend each year that the baylors are already doing their share of the holidays, not counting the years when Christmas and New Years etc fall on the weekend.
    I am interested in how other hospitals are doing this. Specifically the extra holiday during the week part. Please let me know what you think! Thank you!
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    I think holidays should be taken out of the equation all together and devided up equally between all staff. This may mean some weekday people working the holiday weekend or weekend people working the weekday holiday. It seems like the only fair thing to do.
  4. by   MollyJ
    I worked in two different hospitals who had two different approaches to holidays.

    One hospital: You hired into a position that was designated as an A or B holiday schedule. One year you had one set of holidays off, the next year, the next. I think the holidays were: Christmas, New Years, Memorial, Labor day, July 4th, Thanksgiving. So one year you would have Christmas, Memorial Day, Labor Day off, the next New Years, July 4, Thanksgiving. You were stuck with this day on unless you made a person to person trade, were on sick leave or whatever.

    At the other day, you just had a set schedule and if you had the day off, you had it off, otherwise it was tough luck and of course People could try to ask for the day off. I personally liked the second way the best. It just dispassionately cut the pie, but it did force supervisors to consider honoring vacation requests. In the first method, no vacation requests could be accepted and that took pressure off of the supers.
  5. by   tonchitoRN
    For some reason, in my hospital, holidays were not a problem. If you wanted off you made a formal request. The exception was for Xmas and New Year's day. We posted a list and everyone was to work one holiday. You would be amazed that the list for having off for New Years was twice as long as for Xmas. Personally, I like to have Xmas off so I can be with my children. So almost every year I was off for Xmas.
  6. by   tonchitoRN
    By the way, your Baylor policy is very generous. In our Baylor policy the employees worked 2 - 16 hours shifts and were paid for 40 hours. It was a very popular program and was always full. It was very popular for nurses who worked two jobs i.e. they were staff w/ benefits in my hospital and worked pool or agency in other hospitals during the week. These nurses were raking in the bucks.
  7. by   mustangsheba
    At one facility, I worked two 16's and was paid for the hours I worked. At another hospital, nurses who worked the two sixteen's were paid for 40 hours. This worked out great for couples with small children. Never heard it called Baylor. Where does this term come from? Most places I've worked, holidays off were alternated and we could negotiate amongst ourselves if we wanted to trade. Personally, I like to work Holidays.
  8. by   BeeStrong
    The name comes from the hospital which originated the weekend plan and was one of the first flex time plans for nurses which deviated from the every other weekend/40 hr week scenario. Our hospital does the A and B list for all full timers and prns are expected to sign up on the holiday list for at least 2 holidays. I am also one who likes to work holidays since my kids are grown and I can use the extra $$. I have one in the world can anyone guarantee 2 sick days per year?? Seems unrealistic to me.

  9. by   Jen S
    My hospital has ahd a weekend option for eight months. They do it in 16 week intervels. Must work 14 out of 16 weekends. But if hired for 96 hours must work 36. We hav an A and B list so we can alternated holidays
  10. by   capgirl
    At my hospital the weekend program is 2-12 hour shifts , work 4 weekends, get the 5th one off. No benefits. very good hourly rate. If you work your 8 shifts a month, (don't call in) then you get a big bonus - $10 for every hour worked that month. Comes in mighty handy ! Have to work holidays only if they fall on the weekends that you are working. So we weekend people are in the clear this year !
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