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I have just started nursing school and only have a vague idea of how thing run in the ICU. I have a question about care my grandfather received there recently, but am not sure if it is reportable (I... Read More

  1. by   rjflyn
    Im glad caroladybelle chimed in when she did. Everyone was blaming the nurse for something that may not have been in her control. Having worked at hospitals from 50 beds to over 1000 beds certain things occur when the doctor wants them to.

    Anyway to cover another issue brough up fabnurse. Being an ER nurse and a paramedic more importantly guess what you may get intubated or other care you may not want. Take your living will for example- did you read the fine print. Most living wills have a clause in them reference determination of a termimal conditon by 2 physicans. Just for FYI sudden caridac arrest often times doesnt fall under this clause.

    Also guess what if the hospital doesnt have a copy when you are there its not going to be followed. I lost count a long time ago on how may people claim to have living wills and powers of attorney for heathcare and 1) dont have it with them, 2) have never provided the hospital/their doctors with a copy. 3) Have never told any other family member of said documents other than their spouse- husbands and wifes do get in serious motor vehicle accidents together.

  2. by   fergus51
    Sounds like no harm no foul. Maybe you could just write a letter saying you wish things were more clearly communicated. All in all if that's the worst thing that happened, I wouldn't make a huge deal of it, but that's just me. I would also be reluctant to blame the nurse when she may have had nothing to do with it. I've actually had a doc extubate a patient while I was in the bathroom (not to die, but to trial on cpap, I got back just in time to see the co2 get to 110).
  3. by   apaisRN
    The docs extubated one of my patients while I was tied up with the other, who was hypotensive and requiring extensive attention. I checked on the first pt to find he wasn't doing so well off the vent, and I'd had no idea! Very frustrating.