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I am interested in knowing if any facilities allow a person to leave the facility for their lunch break. In my facility it is sort of an unwritten rule that you hang around at least in the building... Read More

  1. by   moonshadeau
    Since I read my first post, I am happy to report that I have finally learned when to take a lunch break to BREAK THE INSANITY. Unfortunately, the guilty concious about the decreased amount of time that on a whole that you get to spend with your patients. But I think that in the long run, any nurse that is able to take a break is cutting back on the burnout factor. Keep taking your breaks, we deserve it.
  2. by   Aussienurse2
    I think you guys need to get a better union. We work eight hour shifts and get a thirty minute unpaid lunch break and a paid fifteen minute morning, afternoon or supper break depending on what shift you work. Because your not paid if you are the only RN on shift and can't get off the ward you get toil and eat as you can. I love Australia!
  3. by   layna
    I think that moonshadeau says it all. It took me 10 years to finally convince myself that I deserved a break and to quit working through lunches and suppers. With the exception of an emergency taking place on the unit, since then, I have made time to take a lunch break. The amazing thing is that after I took my break, I was refreshed and did my work much more efficiently. Those people who feel that they "cannot" ever take a decent lunch break need to reexamine their patterns of practice. There are solutions out there if you are willing to take them. You can have the best union in the world but no one can "make" you take a break unless you feel like you deserve it. There is always plenty of work that can keep you working well through breaks and dinners...Good luck to those of you who are looking at ways to see that you get your well needed breaks!

    Peace to you all.
  4. by   adrienurse
    I work 8 hr shifts and the facility does not allow us to leave the building. There were so many complaints to the above, how can a facility force you to do something during a time in which they are not paying you? Now we (members of the nurses union) have negotiated total 1 hr and 15 minutes within 8hrs total paid time. I believe that this is pretty uncommon. Only problem is there is no decent place to spend your breaks, since you're forced to stay in the building.
  5. by   DelGR
    Layna, I agree with you. I use to work through my lunch break to get out on time. I found I was less productive and my physical & mental energies were decreased when I didn't take a lunch break. I never got out early when I skipped my 1/2 hr lunch break. I started getting out on time or nearly on time when I started taking my 1/2 hr lunch break. It really helped me to be more focused and I was able to be much more efficient and productive after lunch.
  6. by   slinkeecat
    well, we are so bad we do not even take potty breaks..... we have a foley attached to a leg bag and each nurse has a picc-line for the iv we order out alot and eat thru out the shift and we also are liberal on smoking..... we cover each other for smoking breaks.....

  7. by   shrpgrl
    If we are lucky we take 30 minutes. We are not allowed to leave the property. Many times I skip it so I will not be behind or I chart while I eat.
  8. by   BBnurse34
    We have two 15 min breaks and an unpaid 30 min lunch (we can't leave)
    I believe it is each persons responsibility to see that everyone gets a break. Don't whine about no break when you have been staring at the charting screen, drooling for 15 min- or been on the phone.
    Also, I think a person should not be thought poorly of for his break behavior. The nurses that jog the stairs get cheered but the smokers get dirty looks.
    Use your break the was you want, eat, smoke, sleep, read or chase cars in the parking lot. Just return in time for MY break.
  9. by   jeniousno1
    in my area of clinical practice, it is standard for nursing personnel to leave the site premises when they are on their lunch break.
    however, i do fel in order to be competent practitioners we need to relax and unwind on our lunch breaks because if one is working 12 hours plus in any one day, one needs to get away from the site area and chill for a little while.
    it is understandable that on occasions it is impossible to leave the site area due to staff shortages and one needs to remain within close proximity, but to me when the opportunity is available to go off with colleagues somewhere else and relax, its there to be used.
    hope this helps, jeniousno1 :kiss
  10. by   coleen
    I can't stand these whiney non smokers either. What about your
    car? I ride a bike why do I have to breath your car fumes? Give me a break- the facility policy allow 2 15 min breaks and a half hour lunch. Why are you not utilizing it? They give non smokers LOOKS?!?? huh? Welcome to our world buddy. hey if you are covering every smokers break then i think at LEAST one of them would be nice enough to cover yours. Don't be a martyr . and If your feelings about smoking are so strong just say "no I can't cover" I'm sick of it or whatever- but harboring resentments only hurts you in the long run - look who's not getting a break

    I frequently don't take my lunch or supper break because I'm too busy but there are those who will leave an MI in the works to go have that meal - they never ever skip their breaks not matter what. I have that option too. But I choose not to. Nothing against them - they may be diabetic. Then I write on my timecard - I didn't get my supper and I get paid for the half hour if I don't use it.

    I have quit drugs, alcohol, caffeine, just lost 80 lbs and gave up my credit card- I am not giving up my smokes yet. Besides almost every single employee - over 40 of us smoke. We have an area by the garbage dumpters where they have even given us milk crates to sit on - does anyone object to that spot?. If a non smoker wants to go out to the dumpters and eat he is always welcome but will have to put up with that darn old smoke smell -it is terrible compared to the dumpster of 1,000's of used briefs isn't it? It kind of speaks something about the nuthouse we work in though
    when everybody smokes. I think I saw my CNA smoking something different in her car once but couldn't be sure.

    Also I do go out if I take a break- I put gas in car, get groceries, etc.- I have to get out of there even for 10 minutes - I hand my med keys to the other charge nurse in the facility and have never had a problem. She's never had to tend to any of my pts in that small time frame especially since they are all eating in the dining room. Maybe you can work around a quiet time at your place.
  11. by   kellyseye
    we have half hour unpaid lunch break and two ten min tea breaks ... i only leave the building for the half hour lunch or dinner break ... cos i smoke! i dont have the time to change and run all the way down stairs in my short breaks ... so i dont duck out for the quick ciggie during my shift
    smoking ... i work in a smoke free environment ... i have no intention of stopping smoking tho .. i was employed there before it came in ... and it isnt really enforced anyway as the security guys smoke themselves most of them .... i got caught once ... and they just asked me to close the door behind me when i was done .. it is a huge place and it is just impossible to get changed n off the grounds and back in time for someone else to have their break
    reported my getting caught to my boss .. just incase she heard about it and she was fine with it as it is a policy which alot of staff do not agree with ... even the non smokers
    i really think there should be at least one designated area for staff to smoke ... stuck there for hours on end and not even being able to have one smoke ... bloody stupid i think
    if they did get tough on it ... i dunno wot id do .. id prolly still smoke
    prob pretty hard to find a job where i could smoke as all dept of health facilities have adopted this no smoking policy
    if they decided to sack me for smoking .. then so be it ... dont think it would worry me to be honest
    i cannot stand ppl telling me wot to do at the best of times
    especially when it is something like that
  12. by   Peds_LPN
    Recently in the news, there was a report of a nurse leaving Durham Regional for lunch. The nurse was carjacked and killed!!!!
    I guess the facilty wants you on grounds for your own protection.
    I am in home care so there is no going out to lunch for me!!!!
  13. by   researchrabbit
    I work in research, there are 4 of us and we get 30 minutes for lunch (we also schedule our own patients). The MD in charge, though, won't let all four of us go together and leave our area "unstaffed" unless SHE gets to come too! Funny. She's afraid an unscheduled patient will come in on an emergency and she'll have to deal with it...but if she's gone, too then it doesn't matter!

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