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I am interested in knowing if any facilities allow a person to leave the facility for their lunch break. In my facility it is sort of an unwritten rule that you hang around at least in the building... Read More

  1. by   layna

    How many of you have managers that will help cover for you while you get away on a break? Just curious.
  2. by   NurseExplorer
    Why do nurses only get 30 minute lunch breaks? That's not enough time for working 12 hours. That's barbaric. If you work 10/4 instead of 12/3, do you get 1 hour lunch breaks?
  3. by   RNKitty
    I get a headache if I don't eat at least every 4-5 hours. I am NOT a volunteer and I DO take my breaks. 12 hours is just too long to go with only a 30 minute break. Studies have documented that breaks refresh the mind and relax the body. Let's not burn ourselves out by volunteering our time and sacrificing our breaks.
  4. by   pabamick
    For years the nurses in my ICU didn't charge for missed lunch breaks. Now we are getting tough. Title 22 in California cleary states that the staffing ratio is 2:1 at all the time, not 4:1 during lunch time. If someone can't come up and relieve us of all of our pt. care duties for 30 minutes we charge them 1/2 hour overtime. State of Cal has also passed the no lunch break or break penalty law that state if any hourly paid worker misses their lunch or 2 breaks the facility will pay them an hour of straight time wages for missed lunch and an hour of straight time wages for missed breaks. This is on top of the 1/2 hour of time and a half for no lunch. It's amazing when you stand up for yourself and money is involved how know we get a lunch break about 95% of the time.
  5. by   4WRN
    We get 2 15 min breaks and a 30 min unpaid lunch. I do use my 15 min breaks to smoke. As far as I am concerned the others can take their 15 min to get off the floor and do whatever they wish. For sake of your sanity you should take a break.
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  6. by   krusey
    We must be a bit lucky, we have a Nurse's union that is fighting on the nurses behalf, if we do not get our 1/2 hour break (uninterrupted I might add) we get paid time and a half. Occasionally if the ward is extremely busy we might miss out, but when the ward is slow we are able to leave early or have extended meal/smoko breaks.
  7. by   Momma_Penguin
    I never take a break, b/c I want to get all my work done so I can get out on time to put my kids on their buses. I am not even going near the smoking issue. As long as my pot of coffee is working and I can have caffeine while I work I am happy. I lied I think I had a break in Jan of 2001.....I was working sick and had to get off the floor, and I am not kidding about the date of the last break. I get paid for all 8 hrs of work, and I give my pts all 8 hrs. Maybe I am wrong in doing that. I don't know if we can leave since our company changed to paid lunch/ breaks. It doesn't matter to me anyway. Laura LPN
  8. by   lissagirl
    My aunt was L&D nurse (now in home health). She couldnt break for smokes much so she just chewed the nicotine gum, she quit smoking but still chews the gum.
  9. by   Mellissa
    i'm a charge nurse on a 48bed skilled floor where sometimes i am the only nurse on. recently the cna's who are union put up a fuss because they were being made to take breaks or have a slip signed by nurse stating they did not take a lunch-30min. so now, managment states that all nurses must take a lunch or have a good reason why not. i hardly ever get a break, and if i do its frequently interupted. i'd rather leave @ 4pm with no break than 4:30-500 with one. and what really gets me is all non nursing staff sit around for an hour or so, and don't punch out. what about them?
  10. by   Lulu
    In the hospital where I work we (nurses) are the only people that don't get lunch breaks, aside from the "grab something that doesn't bite back and stuff it in" break that you don't even need to pause to take. And I'm including the aids, unit secs, et. all who all find adequate time for them.
    As far as smoke breaks are concerned, there are smokers who take 5 15min breaks in an 8 hour shift and still submit "no lunch break" when they sign out. Non smokers don't take the breaks because their first instinct is to get charting done where smoker's first inclination is "when can I smoke?".
    I don't want to offend anyone, but isn't that partly why it's an addiction?
    So please don't say "nonsmokers should take their breaks" , it doesn't work that way.
  11. by   Lulu
    My nurse manager took my assignment just yesterday so I could take a lunch break. She said she was having a slow day and each of us got a 1/2 hour break -- the first time in months. She's new, I wonder how long she'll last!
  12. by   aj1973
    Gee guys, I'm really starting to appreciate nursing here in Australia from reading these posts. The most recent wards I've worked on, we HAVE to take a lunch break, we aren't paid for it and we don't get overtime if we choose not to take it. We work out our lunch breaks first thing in the morning. I've actually been told to get my butt out of the ward when I've been busy and not been going to have lunch. On an 8 hour shift we also get a paid 15 min tea break. Now I work in PICU on 12 hour shifts its a little different, lunch can be at any old time of the day depending whats going on but we're still always encouraged to take our breaks. On nights we can basically split our breaks up however we want - you can take one whole hour or a couple of shorter ones, but there's always someone to cover, it wouldn't be a safe workplace otherwise. As for leaving the building - YOU BET!!! it wouldn't really feel like a real break if I'm still on the ward
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Lunch break? whats that? rofl just kidding. the short answer is NO...we never leave the floor for breaks. often, we take breaks on the run, period.