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  1. I work in assisted living- and in Arkansas CNA's are allowed to assist with meds- but we are actually doing the passing the meds- co workers are passing meds, ordering meds, it's real scary cause I know I don't have the experience or knowledge to pass out all these pills including the narcs.- This is so scary what if we make a mistake???
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  3. by   lpnjoe60
    For God's sake if you are not sure about the medications that you are passing, DON'T pass them! Check with management, and make sure that you have an LPN or RN to assist you if that's what required. NO one should be ordering meds except MD's or qualified nursing staff. I wouldn't be a patient in that facility for a million bucks!!
  4. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Your using the word "assist" with meds. and that's rather vague. In what capacity are you as a CNA allowed to assist with passing meds? I know here in RI if you have been a CNA for a certain amount of time and done some kind of training then you can become a med. tech. in a LTC facility and they pass most oral meds. (that are not narcotics) but not every CNA can do it unless they have been trained. If I were you I would look at my states nurse practice act and see what the scope of practice is for a CNA and find out exactly what you can do to "assist" passing meds. before you try to help next time. Its a CMA kinda thing.

  5. by   nminodob
    I found this to be pretty shocking, and wondered if things could possibly be so different in Arkansas? Then I found this thread on allnurses forum that discusses medication administration by non licensed persons (from 2006, so don't know if it's the most current info):
  6. by   littlebitark
    There is no LPN or RN on duty at most times that we are passing meds. Plus we the CNA's are having no extra training on the passing meds either.
    and by Passing meds I mean we are going off the mars and giving the meds to the residents- signing off on them.
  7. by   Atheos
    No nurse on duty???

    Even WITH med techs I imagine there would still have to be a nurse on the unit.

    I wouldn't pass meds without at least a nurse supervisor around. What if there is a problem or discrepancy?
  8. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I work in Vermont, where med techs can pass anything, including narcotics.

    When you say they're ordering meds, are they ordering them from the pharmacy, or giving prescription drugs without a prescription?
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  9. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Quote from littlebitark
    There is no LPN or RN on duty at most times that we are passing meds. Plus we the CNA's are having no extra training on the passing meds either.
    and by Passing meds I mean we are going off the mars and giving the meds to the residents- signing off on them.
    This is illegal and can put the patient at harm. What if you are giving an anti-hypertensive that requires a blood pressure before reading ? For i.e. Calcium channel blockers are held ( in my state) if BP is less than 90/60.

    Or what if there are some other type of parameters for certain medications, which there is plenty !

    This whole situation seems unsafe and dangerous ! I'm currently a CNA while in nursing school is there is no way I would pass meds if I wasn't trained and received certification from the board of nursing.

    Please take our advice and do some research, consult with the board of nursing, and refuse that delegation... you as a CNA have a right to refuse any delegation that you feel is unsafe to do.
    Good luck and please keep us posted.
  10. by   Jessy_RN
    Why do you do it? Obviously you know it's wrong and you can have very no-so--nice potential implications..........why?
  11. by   littlebitark
    I just took the job- two days ago and I'm quitting- I wasn't explain this part of the job- I just had my one day training by the RN who came in early- I agree this is so wild- and I'm getting out while I can- Thanks for the imput
  12. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    Please, please OP do yourself a favor and refuse to pass the meds if they ask you too. You haven't had the training or experience yet to pass them and you would feel horrible if an accident happened due to a med you passed. What your facility is doing is very unsafe and probably illegal, there needs to be an RN or LPN on at all times and CNAs should not be passing meds. if they didn't at least have training as a med. tech. A good rule of thumb is that you shouldn't pass a med. or perform a treatment if you don't....

    A. Know what your doing
    B. Understand how it works and
    C. Recognize the potential complications

    I know it sounds silly but I wouldn't even give an aspirin to a patient without first being fully aware of their health history and current status and having a drug profile for aspirin available to me. You don't want something like a med. error causing a life changing accident to tarnish or possibly end your career as a nurse before it even gets started.

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  13. by   catlynLPN
    I live in Arkansas, too, and yes, Arkansas did just recently, start a Medication aide program. But they're supposed to have training and it is authorized by the Arkansas BON. I'm not sure exactly what all the requirements are, but I know it did start maybe 2 years ago.
    But it sounds to me like the place you are working in could be violating some rules.
    One of the LTC's in the town I live in, has medication aides and they are following the rules set out by the nursing board. There are always nurses, LPNs and RNs on duty....the aides are never left alone.
    If I were you, I would get out of that place like now. What they are doing and asking you to do is not right and is dangerous.
  14. by   skbgirl
    Leave that place right now, do not worry there is a better opportunity just around the corner. Protect yourself at all cost, the facility will deny they asked you to do it.